Verizon Paperless Billing and Discount: Complete Guide

Verizon’s paperless billing is a convenient and secure way for customers to receive and pay their monthly bills. Not only is it more efficient than traditional paper billing, but it can also save you money with discounts on your monthly plan.

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Verizon’s paperless billing service and how to enrol in it to take advantage of these savings.

What is Verizon Paperless Billing?

Verizon’s paperless billing is an electronic billing system that allows customers to receive their monthly bill online, rather than through the physical address.

When you enrol in paperless billing, you’ll receive notifications via email or SMS when your new bill is ready to view.

You can then log into your Verizon account through the My Verizon website or My Fios app to access and pay your bill.

Verizon Paperless Billing and Discount Complete Guide

How Does Verizon Paperless Billing Work?

Using Verizon’s paperless billing is simple. Once you’ve enrolled in the service, you’ll receive notifications when your subscription is close to expiration.

You can then log into your Verizon account to view and pay your bill. If you have multiple lines on your account, you’ll be able to view and pay them all in one place.

In addition to being able to view and pay your bill online, paperless billing also allows you to access past bills and track your usage.

This can be helpful for budgeting and keeping an eye on your monthly expenses.

What Are The Benefits of Using Verizon Paperless Billing?

Benefits of switching to paperless billing:

  1. Convenient to Use: No need to wait for bills to arrive in the mail or make a trip to the post office to pay them. You can view and pay your bills online at any time.
  2. Environment friendly: Switching to paperless billing reduces the amount of paper used, which is better for the environment.
  3. Secure Payment: Paying bills online is often more secure than mailing physical checks or paying in person.

How to Enroll in Verizon Paperless Billing

Below are the steps to enrol in Verizon paperless billing:

  • Log into your account at
  • Click on “Account.”
  • Click on “Profile Settings.”
  • Scroll to “Billing”
  • Click on “Paper Free Billing.”
  • Click “Enroll Now.”
  • Confirm your email for bill notifications.

Remember to double-check these steps on Verizon’s website or contact their customer service for assistance.

Steps to Enroll in Verizon Paperless Billing

What Is Verizon Paperless Billing Discount?

One of the major benefits of enrolling in Verizon’s paperless billing service is the potential for discounts on your monthly plan.

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Customers who opt for both paperless billing and auto payment can receive up to a $10 monthly discount on their plan.

To qualify for this discount, you’ll need to be enrolled in one of Verizon’s 5G or unlimited plans.

This discount can add up to significant savings over the course of a year, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re already on one of these plans.

How to Cancel Verizon Paperless Billing?

If you decide that paperless billing isn’t right for you, it’s easy to switch back to traditional paper billing.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Verizon account through the My Verizon website or app.
  2. Navigate to the “Billing” section.
  3. Under “Paper Free Billing,” Off the “Enroll” button.
  4. Confirm your decision to switch back to paper billing.

How to Know Verizon’s final bill after Cancellation?

When you cancel your Verizon account, your final bill will typically include any outstanding charges up to the point of cancellation, plus any early termination fees if they apply.

You might also receive a prorated charge for any usage in the billing period during which you cancelled.

Verizon Customer Support

Steps to Find your Verizon’s Final bill After Cancellation:

  1. Cancel Your Verizon Service: Contact Verizon customer service to cancel your service. You can either call them at 1-877-596-7577 or visit their website and chat with a representative.
  2. Ask About Your Final Bill: During your cancellation process, ask the representative about when to expect your final bill and how it will be sent to you. Most often, it will be delivered in the same way as your previous bills. If you have paperless billing, it will likely be emailed or made available online.
  3. Check Your Email/ Mail: Look for an email or a letter from Verizon with your final bill.
  4. Login to Your Verizon Account: Even after cancellation, you can usually still log in to your Verizon account for a certain period of time.
    • Go to the Verizon website or app and log in.
    • Click on the “Billing” tab.
    • Here, you should be able to view your final bill.
  5. Contact Verizon if Needed: If you have any questions about charges on your final bill, reach out to Verizon customer service for clarification. They should be able to break down the costs for you and explain any fees or prorated charges.
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Remember, it may take up to one or two billing cycles for your final bill to be prepared and sent to you.

If you’ve set up autopay, be sure to check if it’s still active and whether you need to manually pay your final bill.

why does Verizon bill a month in advance?

Verizon, like many telecommunications providers, bills its customers in advance for their monthly services.

This practice is not unique to Verizon; it’s quite common in the telecom industry.

The reason behind this practice is to ensure continuous service. By billing in advance, Verizon can ensure they have received payment for the next month before that month’s service begins. It helps with business planning and revenue forecasting.

This is how it generally works:

  1. Start of Service: When you first start your service with Verizon, your first bill will typically include charges for the first full month in advance, plus any partial month from when you started the service until the end of that billing cycle.
  2. Monthly Bills: Each subsequent bill will then include charges for the upcoming month. This is the “month in advance” you’re referring to.
  3. Changes to Your Service: If you make any changes to your service in the middle of a billing cycle (like adding or removing a feature), your next bill will reflect these changes. It will contain prorated charges for the previous month and the charge for the next full month of the new service.
  4. Final Bill: If you cancel your service, your final bill will reflect any use up to the date of cancellation. You’ll typically be refunded any remaining balance of the monthly service charge that had been billed in advance.

If you have questions about your bill, it’s best to contact Verizon’s customer service. They can provide a detailed breakdown of your bill and explain all the charges.

verizon fios (fibre-optic) paperless billing and How it Works?

Paperless billing, also known as electronic billing, is a service offered by many companies, including Verizon Fios.

Instead of receiving your bills through the mail in a paper format, you receive them digitally, often via email or through your online account.

Here’s a basic overview of how paperless billing works with Verizon Fios:

  1. Enrollment: You can enrol in paperless billing through your online Verizon account or by contacting Verizon customer service.
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To enrol in Verizon FiOS paperless billing, you’ll generally need to follow these steps:

  • Log in: Visit Verizon’s website, and log in to your account.
  • Access Settings: Navigate to your ‘Account’ or ‘Profile’ settings.
  • Select Paperless: Find ‘Billing’, and choose ‘Paper Free billing’.
  • Confirm: Select “On” next to “Enroll” and save changes.
  • Email Verification: Verify your email address is correct for bill notifications.

Remember, these instructions may vary slightly depending on changes to Verizon’s website or app interface.

After you’ve successfully enrolled, you should receive an email confirming your switch to paperless billing. Going forward, you’ll receive an email notification each month when your new bill is ready to view and pay.

2. Bill Notification: Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive an email notification each month when your new bill is ready to view. The email will typically contain a summary of the bill and a link to view the full bill.

3. Viewing Your Bill: To view your full bill, you would log into your Verizon Fios account. Your bill can be found in the billing section of your account.

4. Payment: You can then pay your bill online, typically through a bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. Many customers also choose to set up automatic payments in conjunction with paperless billing, which allows the bill to be paid automatically each month.

5. Record Keeping: You can usually view past bills in your online account for record-keeping purposes, and you can print them out if needed.

does Verizon give you a discount for paperless billing?

Verizon does not generally offer a discount specifically for enrolling in paperless billing.

However, they occasionally run promotional offers that could include a discount for going paperless or setting up Auto Pay.

It’s always a good idea to check Verizon’s current policies or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information, as promotional offers and policies can change.

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