How To know Google Fi Account Number And Transfer PIN: Know All About

Are you trying to port out of the Google Fi network?

But you might be confused regarding how you can actually do that or the things that you will need to do it. In that case, we are here to help you!

When you are trying to port out your number from the Google Fi network you will have to get the Google Fi account number and PIN number.

You will need these two to port your number to your new carrier. Let’s see what are these and how you can get them with ease.

What Is Google Fi Account Number?

Your Google Fi Account Number is a unique number that is assigned to all the customers of Google Fi after they have taken their subscription.

You will need this number when you want to port out your number from Google Fi and port into another carrier. 

What Is Google Fi Account PIN?

Google Fi Account PIN is a number that acts as the security code of your Google Fi account.

It protects the account from fraud and scams and keeps the account protected all the time from any kind of cyber threat.

You will need your Account PIN along with your Account number ehn you would like to port your number out from the Google Fi network to another carrier.

Get Google Fi Account Number And PIN

How To Get Google Fi Account Number And PIN?

You can get your Google Fi account number from the app of Google Fi.

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To get the Google Fi Account Number and PIN, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Google Fi App and log into your account.
  • Navigate to the Account tab and select Manage Plan.
  • Tap on Cancel Service.
  • Follow the instructions given to cancel the service and then choose Transfer your number to another carrier.

After you cancel your Account Number and PIN will be displayed in the screen.

You can copy them from there and give them to your new carrier personnel to port your number to their carrier.

How To Transfer Google Fi To Another Account?

You can easily transfer your number from Googler Fi to another carrier account by using the account number and PIN from Google Fi.

After you have generated the Account number and PIN as we have shown above you will have to contact personnel from the carrier where you want to port your number and talk to them.

They will be able to help you in porting your number to their network.

Google Fi Account Number Has How Many Digits?

Your Google Fi Account Number is 5 digits long.

How To Fix Google Fi Number Transfer Error?

In most cases when you are having any Transfer error in your Googler Fi account then it is due to mismatched information or wrong information.

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You can update the information in your account and then try again to see if that solves the issue.

In case that doesn’t help then please contact the Support Team of Google Fi and talk to them regarding this issue and they will be able to help you out.

Is Google Voice Free?

If you are calling from the US then calls within US and Canada are free however you might have to pay 1 Cent per minute for calls to some phone numbers in US and Canada.

If you are calling other countries from the US then the calls are available at the listed rates.

You can check the listed rate for the country here before you call someone there through Google Voice.

  1. FAQ: Can I Use Google Voice Without a SIM Card?

    Yes, you can definitely use Google Voice without a SIM Card.
    When requesting a Google Voice number for the first time, you must link a personal phone number; this will act as your “claim ticket” for the number. 
    You can unlink your personal number from your Google Voice number once you’ve successfully claimed it, allowing you to use Google Voice only as an online calling service.

  2. FAQ: How To Use Google Voice Without SIM Card?

    You can contact the Customer Support of Google to ask them and they will walk you through the process or you can simply go here and check out the forum where you have the steps ready or you can follow the instructions we have given below as an image.

  3. FAQ: Google Voice Wifi Calling iPhone Not Working?

    Google Voice Help

    There might be some updates pending or any bug issues if your Google Voice is not working on your iPhone.
    You can uninstall Google Voice from your iPhone and then go to App Store and download it again.
    Now, try to open it and see if it is working, if it doesn’t then please contact the Support Team of Google.

  4. FAQ: How To Reset Google Assistant?

    Go to “Assistant settings”.
    Navigate to “All settings,” and tap Explore.
    Tap the icon at the left of the service.
    Go to the bottom and tap on “Reset

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