T-Mobile Texts Not Working, How to Fix The Issue

Are you having issues with your T-Mobile Messages? Nowadays only calling someone isn’t enough. Many times we might be too busy to call and enjoy a good chat.

However, you can always send a message to your loved ones or maybe to your superior if you have something urgent to communicate but you are in no position to call them.

And that’s why it is not only frustrating but also inconvenient for you if suddenly your Messaging feature stops working.

Many T-Mobile users have been reporting issues with their text messages not being delivered or T-Mobile texts not working, so leaving them feeling disconnected from friends, family, and important contacts.

In this article, we will be doing over the reasons why your T-Mobile texts are not working and what you can do to fix it.

Why are the T-Mobile Texts Not Working?

There can be multiple reasons why your T-Mobile texts are not working.

This can range from a simple signal issue to having too many junk files in your Messenger cache.

We have listed some of those important issues down below:

  • The T-Mobile Network is having an outage.
  • The number that you want to send or receive messages from is in your Block/ Spam list.
  • Too many junk files have piled up in your Cache.
  • Youe Messege limit is too low.
  • You have expired the message feature in your Prepaid plan.
  • You have mistakenly entered the wrong number.

How To Fix T-Mobile Texts Not Working Issue?

Now that we have taken a look at the reasons why T-Mobile texts may not be working on your phone, it is time that we focus on the fixes that will help us to solve this issue. 

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To fix the T-mobile texts not working issue, check the network signals, ensure that receiver number is not in block/spam list and try to clear the text cache data.

1. Check the T-Mobile’s Network Signal Bar

Make sure that your phone has enough signal to operate its services properly.

If you see that all the signal bars are active then your phone has a good network and you should not have any issues sending messages or receiving them.

However, if you see only one or two bars then you need to go to a place with a better network to receive or send the texts.

2. Check Whether the Number is in the Block List

If your texts are not getting sent or you are not receiving texts from a number then they might be in your block list. You could have blocked them by mistake previously.

To check this you will have to open the your “Phone” app and then click on “three dots” beside the “search bar”.

Now, Go to “Settings” and from there go to “Blocked contacts” and check whether the number where you want to send the messages is listed there.

If you find it there then please tap on the X beside it and confirm to unblock it.

3. Clear Text App’s Data or Cache 

The next thing that you can try is to Clear the app cache for the messenger app.

Due to having too many corrupt files the Messages App could be having issues functioning properly. To do that just follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • Select Manage Apps.
  • Navigate to Messages and tap on it.
  • Tap on Clear data or Clear Cache.
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4. Switch over to 2G Network

Many users have reported that, they have been unable to receive or send texts from a 4G or 5G connection but when they switched back to a 2G connection they were able to send texts.

So as a temporary fix, you can try to switch the network to 2G into your phone and see if that works.

You can easily turn your network settings by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on SIM Card and Mobile Networks
  • Tap on the SIM Card that you want to change the settings for.
  • Go to Preferred Network Type.
  • Now choose 2G.

5. Set a High Message Limit

You might not also be receiving any messages because you have not set a high Message limit.

Maybe you have exceeded the message limit already that you have previously set and now you are unable to get the new messages due to that.

In that case, you can just increase the Message limit and you should be able to receive the messages:

  • Tap on the three dots beside the search bar.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Text Message limit.
  • Now choose the amount that you want to set and then tap on Set.

6. Make Some Empty Space in Your Phone

If your phone does not have enough space then also it will not be able to receive new messages.

You will have to keep at least 20% of your phone storage free for you to receive the texts without having any issues with your T Mobile.

You can also delete the older texts to make space if you see thgat you need space immediately.

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7. Check your Active Prepaid Plan Consumption

Make sure to check your Prepaid plan if you are using one as they have a limited number of messages that you can send.

It might be that you have already exhausted that limit.

You will need to recharge again if that happens to be able to make your Message feature in T Mobile work properly.

8. Check the Number that You Have Entered

Make sure that the number that you have entered is correct. Check and confirm that you have put the exact numbers that you want to send a message to from your phone as given by the person whom you want to contact. 

9. Contact the T-Mobile Support Team

After you have checked and tried all the solutions as mentioned above, you should be able to send and receive texts on your T Mobile.

However, if you are still having problems and your T-Mobile texts are not working then there are good chances that issues isn’t specific to your phone or coverage area, rather issue is on T-Mobile side itself, so you need to contact the T Mobile Support Team

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