How to Fix “Can’t Send Message With T-Mobile Error 0”

Are you having trouble trying to send Messages while using T-Mobile? If that is the case then you are not the only one as there are many people all over the world who are having this issue.

You might be seeing the error 0 whenever you are trying to send a message. Text messages are very important in everyday life for us.

We understand this and that is why, in this article, we will be discussing the reasons why you might be seeing the error 0 in your T-Mobile network and how you can fix the error.

What is the T-Mobile Error 0?

T-Mobile error 0 is an error message that is basically seen when you try to send a text message from your T-Mobile phone, and the message cannot be delivered and show you “Error 0”.

This error is basically happens due to many reasons, such as network issues, technical software/OS glitch.

When you face this error, you might see a message over your text app that says, “Can’t send message with T-Mobile error 0.”

Why Can’t You send Messages with T-Mobile Error 0?

If you are seeing the error 0 whenever you are trying to send messages from your mobile then it simply means that there is some kind of issue happening whenever you are trying to send a message from your phone.

There are many reasons why such an error might occur. It can range from a simple Network settings issue to a bug in the T Mobile system itself.

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Below, we have listed some of the reasons that we think are the possible reasons for the error 0 in your T-Mobile Message:

  • There could be a technical bug into the T-Mobile backend system.
  • T-Mobile might be incapable of sending messages over 5G settings.
  • There could be a technical glitch in your Phone system.

How to Fix T-Mobile Error 0?

There are many fixes that you can try when you are seeing the error 0 while sending messages on your T-Mobile.

To Fix the T-Mobile’s error message 0, Try to Turn On and Off your Wi-Fi connection, ensure the Aeroplane mode isn’t on and you should be able to send messages without any issue.

In this section, we will be going over the fixes in detail so that you can easily solve the error 0 in your T-Mobile Messages.

1. Change Your Network Settings From 5G to 2G

Many users have reported that they have been unable to send texts from a T-Mobile’s 4G or 5G network connection, when they switched back to a 2G connection they were able to send texts for time being.

You can try to do that on your phone and see if that works.

You can easily change your network connection settings by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on SIM Card and Mobile Networks
  • Tap on the SIM Card that you want to change the settings for.
  • Go to Preferred Network Type.
  • Now choose 2G.

2. Restart Your Phone

You can also restart your Phone if changing to 2G from 5G doesn’t work for you.

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Sometimes there can be a technical or non-functional bug in your phone that might be stopping the Messages from getting sent or delivered. So, simply restarting the phone should solve the issue for you.

3. Wait Sometime and Try to Send the Message Later

After you have restarted your Phone, you can wait for some time and try to send the message again.

You should always wait a bit first as the network may be unstable just after you have restarted your phone so giving it one or two minutes should help your Phone to establish a secure network connection.

4. Reset Your Network Connection Settings

You can also try to Reset the Network Settings as an alternative fix if nothing seems to be working out.

To do that you will have to go to General Management >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings.

5. Change Your Wi-Fi Connection to Mobile Data

You can also change your Wifi to your mobile data and then try to check whether you are able to send the messages.

Similarly, you can also change your mobile data to your wifi connection and then try sending the messages from your T-Mobile.

To do this simply go to the tab in the upper section of your phone screen and turn off the wifi or mobile data accordingly.

6. Contact T-Mobile Support Team

After you have checked and tried all the solutions as mentioned above, you should be able to send texts on your T-Mobile.

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However, if you are still having problem and your T-Mobile texts are not working then there are good chances that issues isn’t specific to your phone or coverage area, rather issue is on T-Mobile side itself, so you need to contact the T Mobile Support Team


What is T-Mobile error 0?

T-Mobile error 0 is an error message that appears when you try to send a text message from your T-Mobile phone, and the message cannot be delivered.

Why am I seeing T-Mobile error 0?

You may see T-Mobile error 0 due to many reasons, such as network issues, your phone’s software glitch, and your T-Mobile’s account problem.

How can I fix T-Mobile error 0?

You can fix T-Mobile error 0 by checking your network connection settings, restarting your phone, clearing your messaging app cache, updating your software, or contacting T-Mobile customer service.

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