Ticketmaster Transfer Not Working, How to Fix

At some point, you might face problem when trying to transfer your Ticketmaster tickets to someone else.

The transfer may not go through, and you may see an error message saying that the transfer could not be completed.

In this article, we will show you how to fix the Ticketmaster transfer not working issue.

All Possible Ways to Fix the Ticketmaster Tickets Transfer Issue

if you are also facing the issue then try out below mentioned ways to fix the ticket transferring issue.

1. Check Your Tickets Details/Types

Before you try to transfer your tickets, make sure that they are eligible for tickets transfer. Some tickets may not be transferable, especially if they are part of a package deal or a promotion.

To check if your tickets can be transferred, log in to your Ticketmaster account and go to your order history.

Find the order that contains the tickets you want to transfer and check if the transfer option is available. If it is not available, then your tickets are not transferable.

2. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

If you are experiencing issues with Ticketmaster transfer, it could be due to a problem with your browser. Clearing your browser/app cache and cookies can help to resolve the issue.

To clear your cache and cookies, go to your browser settings and find the option to clear browsing data. Select the option to clear cache and cookies, and then restart your browser.

To clear cache from the Chrome Browser, follow the below steps:

Chrome Browser: Go to Chrome >> Top Right, Click ‘More’ >> Click on ‘Tools’ >> Click ‘Clear browsing data’ Select Time range or ‘delete everything’ to Clear Data, Check the Boxes “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” >> Click ‘Clear Data’.

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Android Phone: Open settings >> Navigate to the application manager >> Choose Ticketmaster App >> The Ticketmaster App cache will be cleared when you click ‘clear cache.’

iPhone Device: Browse to iPhone settings >> Search and select Ticketmaster App >> Reinstall Ticketmaster App by clicking the ‘Offload’ button

3. Disable Ad Blocker and Pop-Up Blocker

Sometimes, ad blockers and pop-up blockers can interfere with Ticketmaster transfer. If you have an ad blocker or pop-up blocker enabled into current browser, try disabling it and then try to transfer the tickets again.

4. Try to Use Different Browser

If you have tried all the above solutions and the Ticketmaster transfer is still not working, now you can try using a different browser.

Sometimes, the issue could be specific to your browser, and using a different browser may help you to resolve the issue.

5. Check Your Internet Connection Status

Stable and fast internet connection is always recommended to use for the transfer process to work properly on Ticketmaster. If your internet connection is slow or unstable, the transfer may not work. Here are some options to fix this:

  • Try to Use Different Device: If you are experiencing issues with the transfer on one device, try using a different device with a stable internet connection.
  • Check Your Network: Make sure that your Wi-Fi or mobile phone network is stable and strong. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can try resetting your router or modem.
  • Move Closer to Your Router: If you are experiencing issues with Wi-Fi, move closer to your router to improve your connection.
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6. Disable the VPN Software

Disabling the VPN often helps to access any certain app or service without error because the VPN may be redirecting you from any specific location/region where Ticketmaster services aren’t now available or offered.

Disable your VPN and restart the Ticketmaster website or mobile app; this will allow you to transfer the tickets without any issue.

7. Disable Any Installed Proxy Server

Some providers of online services, such as AOL and Prodigy, use a device known as a proxy server.

Instead of connecting users to the Internet or the requested site, proxy servers save copies of those sites on their own servers. 

Because Ticketmaster’s ticket transferring system requires direct access, using a proxy server may prevent you from purchasing tickets.

If you are unsure whether you are using a proxy server to access the Internet, contact your Internet service provider.

or you can use a direct Internet connection to access the account on Ticketmaster.com, not a service that uses proxy servers.

8. Contact Ticketmaster Customer Support

If none of the above solutions work, then you may need to contact Ticketmaster customer support for assistance.

You can reach out to them through their website, email or phone. Provide them with all the necessary details such as your order number, the tickets you are trying to transfer, and the error message you are seeing.

To contact to Ticketmaster, you need to log into your TicketMaster account, Go to my orders >> “My Events” >> “Event Details” and click the “Contact Us” button associated with your specific event ticket.

Or submit the request form on Ticketmaster site by Selecting the topics, event name, menu, event date, First Name, Last Name, Email address, subject, billing address, phone number, Last four digits of purchase card, Order Confirmation Number and attachment if anything you have handy with you to share.

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In summary, if you are having an issue with Ticketmaster tickets transfer, try the following methods to fix the issue:

  • Check if your tickets are eligible for transfer.
  • Clear your cache and cookies.
  • Disable ad blocker and pop-up blocker.
  • Use a different browser.
  • Contact Ticketmaster customer support.

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