How to Exchange Tickets on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is a leading ticketing platform for live events or concerts. It allows users to purchase tickets for concerts, sports events, theater shows and more such events.

Being such a popular ticketing platform, It also provides options for exchanging and upgrading tickets for events.

Are you looking to exchange your tickets for a better seat or want to exchange the seats for any different date if concert is scheduled on multiple dates?

In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of exchanging your tickets on Ticketmaster.

We will try to cover everything you need to know to make your ticket exchange a smooth and seamless process.

How to Exchange Tickets on Ticketmaster?

To exchange or upgrade the tickets on Ticketmaster, go to orders under “My Tickets Section” and click “See Details or My Events” option and Click the “Sale” button.

Steps to Exchange Tickets on Ticketmaster:

Below are the in details steps to help you out on exchanging or upgrading the seats on Ticketmaster:

  • Go to the Ticketmaster account and sign into you account.
  • Select the order you want to exchange under “My Tickets” Section.
  • Select the “See Details” in laptop device or “My Events” in Ticketmaster app.
  • Click “Sell Tickets” if tickets are available for sale/exchange.
  • Tickets price would be automatically set as your purchased tickets price.
  • Now Select the preferred Payment receiving method on your screen.
  • Validate the all information for ticket exchange and submit.

You will be able to exchange or upgrade your Ticketmaster tickets only if the event is at least 24 hours away and also if you purchased your tickets directly from Ticketmaster.

For some events ticket exchange time could be 48- or 72-hours’ notice(You would be able to see this details on my tickets section itself).

Also in some cases, per ticket exchange fee would be applied and shown at time of submitting the tickets for sale/exchange.

Ticketmaster Tickets Exchange Requirements:

  • Your existing Ticketmaster Tickets confirmation/order number should be formatted as 12-2345/FLO.
  • Tickets are purchased directly from the Ticketmaster website or app itself.
  • Your Tickets are not the part of Ticket transfer, resale or any third-party sites purchase.
  • Your order must not contain VIP, premium tickets or additional non-refundable items like merchandise.

Your new tickets must be of equal or greater price than your current tickets, for the same event, venue, and date.

Note: New tickets must be indicated by a blue dot on the seat map. Pink dots indicate “Fan-to-Fan Resale” tickets, which can’t be purchased via an exchange.

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Bought Tickets for Wrong Date Ticketmaster

There isn’t much you can do if have bough the tickets for wrong date on Ticketmaster if concert or event is set for multiple days.

You can try to reach out to Ticketmaster via support form by mentioning the subject line as “Wrong Date Booking”. Only they would be able to help you out if there is any chance to make changes into tickets date.

Ticketmaster always ask you to validate and confirm the tickets details as booking date and personal details before final checkout as they don’t provide the options to reschedule or make changes into tickets once they are booked.

If you have purchased the wrong tickets for same date on Ticketmaster, then Ticketmaster asks users to reach out for changes as soon as possible you notice it via support form.

Just mention “SAME DATE BOOKING” as subject line and reach out to Ticketmaster support team asap.

Or you can try to exchange the tickets from your account if it supported.

Ticketmaster Exchange Tickets for Different Date

Yes, it is possible to exchange Ticketmaster tickets for a different date for same event if event is scheduled for multiple dates. However, the exchange process varies depending on the event and the seller.

Ticketmaster exchange tickets option helps its users to exchange the ticket for a different date than purchased ones if due to any reason user isn’t able to attend the event.

The availability of tickets and the event organizer’s approval are the two main factors that determine whether or not tickets can be exchanged for a different date.

It’s always best to check with Ticketmaster or the event organizer directly to confirm whether ticket exchanges are allowed or not. Usually €2.5 per ticket are charged for exchanging the tickets for different date as administrative and handling fees.

Ticketmaster’s fan-to-fan exchange program is an option for some events, but it is not always available.

Additionally, Ticketmaster’s Fan Guarantee program offers the ability to exchange or cancel certain tickets within a certain time frame, although there may be fees associated with the exchange.

In some cases, you may be able to exchange your tickets through Ticketmaster’s fan-to-fan exchange program, which allows ticket holders to sell or exchange their tickets with other fans. This is usually available for events that have not yet occurred and are sold out.

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Does Ticketmaster allow Changing the Seats?

Yes, Ticketmaster allow to change the seats near to an event if better seats are available and you want to change your seat.

Ticketmaster only allow to change the tickets 24 hours before the scheduled event or in some cases 48-72 hours prior to event.

Changing the seats are only allowed if your booked tickets meet below requirements:

  • Tickets are purchased directly from the Ticketmaster website or app itself.
  • Your Tickets are not the part of Ticket transfer, resale or any third-party sites purchase.
  • Your order must not contain VIP, premium tickets or additional non-refundable items like merchandise.
  • Your existing Ticketmaster Tickets confirmation/order number should be formatted as 12-2345/FLO.

If above requirements are met for changing the seats, try to reach out Ticketmaster customer support team asap through Contact Us and Keep subject line as “Change Seat Request” or similar subject line. They would be able to help you out in changing the seats with available options.

Note: Usually €2.5 per ticket are charged for changing the tickets for different date as administrative and handling fees.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Tickets on Ticketmaster?

When you sell your tickets on Ticketmaster, it may take some time for the tickets to be transferred to the new user and the additional time for payment to be processed.

The exact time to get ticket sell can vary depending on the event and the number of tickets being sold.

Typically, the transfer of tickets and payment processing can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Keep in mind that when you sell your tickets, you will need to wait for the payment to be processed before the tickets are transferred to the new buyer.

Can You Exchange Ticketmaster Tickets for Another Event?

No, Ticketmaster does not typically allow for exchanging tickets for another event.

If you are unable to attend an event and want to attend another event instead, best option would be to sell your tickets through the fan-to-fan exchange program and then purchase the tickets for the event you would like to attend.

Also Ticketmaster’s fan-to-fan exchange program allows ticket holders to sell or exchange their tickets with other fans, it is not designed for exchanging tickets for a different event.

Similarly, the Ticketmaster Fan Guarantee program also does not cover exchanging tickets for another event.

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Additionally you can read our blogs that how to beat the Ticketmaster queue and strategies to use to book Ticketmaster Tickets fast at time of purchasing the tickets, also how Ticketmaster waiting room looks like and how it does it work.

Ticketmaster Tickets Confirmation/Order number Format 12-2345/FLO

The format “12-2345/FLO” is typically used as a confirmation or order number on Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster Tickets Confirmation/Order Number Format Source:

The format usually includes a combination of numbers and letters. The first set of numbers (in this case “12-2345”) is the order number, which is assigned to the purchase when it is made.

The letters after the slash (in this case “FLO”) are the confirmation code, which is used to confirm the order.

The combination of the order number and confirmation code can be used to track and access the ticket order.

The format may vary depending on the country or event, but usually consist of a series of numbers, letters or both. It’s important to keep the confirmation number safe as it can be required later on to access the tickets.

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