Does Ticketmaster Randomize The Queue

Ticketmaster offers tickets to many exciting events that are quickly sold out if the event is the most awaited or very popular. The website faces a huge overload due to the influx of people waiting to buy tickets.

To manage the crowd effectively, Ticketmaster lets you wait in a virtual line which is a queue to get your tickets. You will be in a queue and see a circle on your screen that is slowly filling but this is not the queue to buy tickets.

When the sale finally starts, the queue refreshes and you will be assigned a random place to buy tickets. If you have bought tickets from Ticketmaster and your number on the queue changes then it is not an error.

To learn more about the Ticketmaster queue read this article to learn how is the queue determined on Ticketmaster, does it randomizes the queue and is the queue accurate.

How Is The Queue Determined On Ticketmaster?

The queue on Ticketmaster is a virtual line that allows efficient management of people who are buying tickets.

There are two queues in Ticketmaster for ticket purchase of popular events which are a temporary queue and then the final queue to buy tickets.

By logging in to the Ticketmaster website before the ticket sale starts you get into the temporary queue which does not guarantee a first row or first spot in the final queue.

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After you get into the temporary queue, it will refresh automatically which shows the start of the ticket sale and you will be assigned a random place.

The final queue will start after assigning a completely random number to buy tickets.

Once you are in the final queue, it is advisable to not refresh your page and wait for your turn to buy tickets. The queue circle will be in motion to show that the queue is moving.

If it is not moving or remains in one position then it is possible that there is a fault and you may have to refresh the page by pressing the F5 key.

Does Ticketmaster Randomize The Queue?

Yes, Ticketmaster randomizes the queue meaning you are assigned a random place in the queue to buy tickets when the ticket sale begins.

A temporary queue is put in place to manage the people which is shown by a circle that starts filling. This is not the cue to buy tickets yet.

When the sale goes live, the queue refreshes and starts again. This means you are now in the final queue to buy tickets.

So even if you came to the Ticketmaster website in advance and waited for the sale to start it does not guarantee you a first spot to buy tickets.

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Remember to not refresh the page after entering the final queue because you will be again assigned a random place and it may be much later than the previous number.

So wait patiently to buy the tickets when you get a chance.

However, if the screen freezes or there is no movement in the circle then it can be a fault or error so refresh the page in such a case.

Is The Ticketmaster Queue Accurate?

The Ticketmaster queue assigns a random number in the final queue to buy tickets when the sale begins. It is accurate and completely random.

Even if you log in early or wait for hours you will still get a random number that may put you ahead of the crowd or in the last.

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