How to Change Seats on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster helps you out to connect with your favourite celebrity or people by providing the platform to book the concert and events tickets.

Sometimes it happens that you have booked the tickets earlier and recently you are seeing more better or comfortable available seats for that specific concert or event.

Now you must be thinking to change your seats as per current available seat map on Ticketmaster.

Sometime it happens that just before the event there are more better seats starts showing available on Ticketmaster seats map.

There can be multiple reasons that you are seeing seats available on Ticketmaster because of seats has been released by concert team itself which they earlier occupied for them.

Also tickets can be seen available at last moment because event stage and area has been setup and due to area/location, some more seats can be released as available for people.

This guide would help you out to change the seats on Ticketmaster as per current availability.

How to Change Seats on Ticketmaster?

Best way to change your seats on Ticketmaster is to reach out to their support team.

You need to provide the existing ticket details, your email id and concert/event detail for which you want to make changes into your seat.

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If seats which you are willing to change are available, they would immediately help you out in changing with desired seats.

Ticketmaster charges the $10-$15 dollar amount for changing per seat count and many times they do it free of cost for any specific event.

It totally depends event to event that Ticketmaster is charging you for the seat change request or not.

It is also seen that it depends to a particular event or concert that Ticketmaster would provide the option to change the seats on not.

Usually Ticketmaster doesn’t have any policy for Ticket exchange, Cancellation or refund for already booked tickets.

To reach to Ticketmaster support team for changing the seats, Login to account > Select the event > Click “Need Help With This Order” then follow the on-screen instructions.

Or submit the request form on Ticketmaster site by Selecting the topics, event name, menu, event date, First Name, Last Name, Email address, subject, billing address, phone number, Last four digits of purchase card, Order Confirmation Number and attachment if anything you have handy with you to share.

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