How to Fix Instagram Story Viewer Greyed Out

Instagram is one of the most popular social media when it comes to people communicating with each other in social media.

The fact that Instagram is a major visual based platform makes it more attractive to the user than other platforms that are out there.

In Instagram we can view stories that a person posts in their profile. These stories can be a combination of audio and video or few pictures together with an audio.

Through this short video that lasts for a few seconds we can get a glimpse to the user’s life, passion and hobbies.

It can be annoying for you when you want to see a story but can not as it remains greyed out in the Instagram.

What does Instagram Story Viewer Greyed Out Mean?

Instagram story viewer greyed out means that either the user have made the story private or that user have blocked you or issue is seen because of older Instagram app.

Many Instagram users use stories when they don’t want to make a full posts but want to share some short moments with their followers.

Some of the reasons why Instagram is showing you that the Instagram story viewer is greyed out are given below:

  • Instagram user has blocked your profile, thus you are unable to see any of their posts or stories.
  • Instagram user has set their story to private mode which makes anyone who are not specified by them be unable to see the posts and stories.
  • You may have the older version of the Instagram app and need to update your app to see the story.
  • Instagram app may have accumulated lots of Cache so that it is unable to function properly and not able to show the stories.
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How to Fix Instagram Story Viewer Greyed Out Issue?

To fix Instagram story viewer greyed out issue, ask the user to provide you the access to their story if they have set the story as private.

Also update your Instagram app to the latest available version or clear the cache files that have accumulated over the time.

You will need to periodically clear cache out so that your app runs smoothly and doesn’t show older and persistent data.

In cases where you are seeing the Story viewer greyed out you can try these fixes to solve the issue.

Fix 1: Wait till User Unblocks You

If the user has blocked you then there is really nothing that can be done from your end.

Unless they unblock your profile in their instagram account, you will not be able to see their story.

Fix 2: Ask the Person to Give You Access to Their Story

When the user sets their story to private mode you can not access their story either, unless they give you access to their story.

There is nothing else that you can do from your side except wait for the person to “public” their story.

You can also ask the person to provide access to their story so that you can view it.

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Fix 3: Try Updating the Instagram App

You may be in need of updating your Instagram app as the app gives out continuous updates quite frequently.

In such case, go to the play store or the apple store and update the application to its latest version.

Fix 4: Try Clearing the Cache Files

As the app runs in our phone or computer it keeps adding junk files called cache for smoother and fast experience.

You will need to periodically clear cache out so that your app runs smoothly and doesn’t show older and persistent data.

To do this Go to Settings> Find the option “Apps or Applications”> Go to Instagram> clear the Cache.

Now you will have to restart your device and then open the app again to make the app run smoothly.

Fix 5: Contact Instagram Technical Support Team or Report a Problem in Instagram

Even after trying all these methods if you can still see the issue then you should contact the Instagram technical support team as it might be a problem that is from their end.

You can just go to the page where the issue is and shake your phone and Instagram will record it as an issue and try to contact you soon to resolve it.

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You can also contact their support team by clicking on your profile on the right hand corner> Help> Report a problem.

Instagram team will contact you as soon as they can to resolve the issue.

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