How to Fix Discord Mobile Send Button not Working

Discord is a very popular app among people nowadays for communicating with friends and families.

Discord has various features which allows the user to have a different experience than other users who are using other platforms.

Discord can be used in both phone and Computers/Laptops which makes it a versatile app that can be used by the user at their own convenience.

Sometime when users try to access the Discord server then send button in mobile doesn’t work.

In this guide, we would try to provide the all possible ways to fix the issue.

Why is Discord Mobile Send Button Not Working?

Discord mobile send button might not be working due to Keyboard input issue, unstable internet connection and use of older version of the app.

Below are the reasons given in detail for your convenience of understanding:

  • If your internet connection is slow or unstable then that will not allow the Discord app to work properly as it requires a stable connection to function properly.
  • You are using the older and unstable version of the app.
  • If you are using an external keyboard then the keyboard may be having issues which is the reason for your having problems while sending any message.
  • If you are using the mobile phone then might be your touch screen have some problems.
  • Cache of the Discord app might be overflowed with junk files and not allowing to function properly.
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How to Fix Discord Mobile Send Button Not Working?

To solve the issue of the send button in Discord not working, ensure the input devices such as Keyboard, mouse or screen are working properly without compatibility issue and drivers are up to date.

Also make sure to have the stable internet connection, clear the Discord app cache to avoid any junk data issue.

Below are given the solutions in more details to help you in resolving the issue.

Fix 1: Restart The Device

When you have encountered the issue that your Discord send button is not working for your phone, you can first close the app and then restart the device.

After the device has become functional again you can then start the app and the issue should not occur anymore.

Fix 2: Check the Internet Connection

Discord needs a strong and stable internet connection to function properly.

Oftentimes it happens that when the app does not get a stable internet connection, it is unable to do some of its functions properly.

You should check your internet connection and if you find that you do not have a stable connection then please contact your local service provider to solve the issue.

When you have a stable connection you will be able to use the send button in Discord properly.

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Fix 3: Check Whether the Input Device is Working

If you are using any different input device with your phone such as a keyboard to use Discord then you should check whether the device is working correctly or not.

Sometime extended hardware devices have compatibility issues and don’t allow to work all functions of app properly.

Always ensure to have up to date input devices driver and make sure there isn’t any flag raise to resolve in drivers settings.

If you are using the touch screen then try using it in other apps as there might be an issue with the screen.

Fix 4: Uninstall And Re-install Discord App

You can try to uninstall Discord and then again reinstall it by downloading from the Play Store.

This will clear all the app data from any corrupted files that it has accumulated over its use.

When you are reinstalling the app then it will not contain any corrupted files and the app should run perfectly.

Fix 5: Clear the Cache Files

Another alternative of uninstalling the app is to clear the Cache files in the app that Discord have accumulated over the time of its use.

Over the period of use, an app stores many junk files which stops app to perform the it’s functions properly.

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You need to go to device’s Settings > Apps > Discord App > clear cache files to clean the junk files for your Discord app.

After this you can close the app and start it again and this should solve the issue of not being able to use the send button in Discord.

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