How to Fix WhatsApp Not Showing Gallery Photos

WhatsApp is a famous social networking application that has generated considerable buzz on the internet. There are presently close to or more than one billion active WhatsApp users.

Many times, WhatsApp users are not able to access the Gallery Photos into WhatsApp while attempting to use the Gallery photos to share with friends and relatives.

Some users are seeing only random Gallery photos and some are even not able to see the single Gallery photo.

This post will explain how to fix the WhatsApp’s Gallery photos issue in detail and explain the reason why this error occurred.

Why WhatsApp is not Showing Gallery Photos?

There can be all below possible reasons that WhatsApp is not showing the Gallery Photos:

  • You have not provided access for your Gallery photos to WhatsApp.
  • There may be a problem with the WhatsApp app itself.
  • WhatsApp servers are unavailable from backend itself.
  • You have not updated the WhatsApp app recently.
  • Your Wi-Fi or mobile data speed is slow or not working.

How to Fix WhatsApp Not Showing Gallery Photos Issue?

WhatsApp not showing gallery photos issue is seen when you haven’t provided the access to WhatsApp app for Gallery photos or there is any recent technical issue to WhatsApp app.

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Fix 1: Provide Gallery Photos access to WhatsApp App

If you are not able to see or access your phone gallery photos to WhatsApp app, most probably you haven’t provided the Gallery Photos access to WhatsApp.

To Provide Gallery Photos access to WhatsApp: Go to Settings ->> Privacy ->> Click on ‘Photos’ ->> Select ‘WhatsApp’ and click ‘all photos’ option. Now WhatsApp would be able to show all gallery photos.

Fix 2: Wait till WhatsApp Fixes the Technical Issue

There is a high possibility that the WhatsApp app is experiencing a technical glitch or WhatsApp servers are down. The WhatsApp team is always aware of the issue and try to fix it.

In this situation, there is nothing you can really do; just wait until the WhatsApp technical team fix the issue from their end or the WhatsApp servers are back and start work fine again.

Fix 3: Clear WhatsApp App Cache

The majority of the time, clearing the app cache solves the WhatsApp not showing gallery photos issue.

So to fix the issue, clear the WhatsApp cache using below steps:

Android users: Go to settings >> Go to application manager >> Click WhatsApp App >> Click ‘clear cache’.

iPhone users: Go to iPhone settings >> Find WhatsApp App and click on that >> Click ‘Offload’ button >> again reinstall WhatsApp App.

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After clearing the cache, verify if the WhatsApp app is able to access your Gallery photos again properly and you would able to see WhatsApp photos in your phone Gallery again.

Fix 4: Check Internet Connection

Make sure you have a good bandwidth internet connection when accessing the WhatsApp. There can be chances that your WhatApp is not able to access and show the gallery photos due to slow backend internet connection.

So, verify the speed of your internet. Check your router if you’re using wifi or turn on and off your mobile data.

Additionally, try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile network or from mobile network to Wi-Fi and now again check if WhatsApp is showing the gallery photos or not.

Fix 5: Update WhatsApp App to Latest Version

If WhatsApp is not showing the gallery photos, just go to play store or App store into your phone and check if any WhatsApp update is available to download.

If available, download and install the WhatsApp latest version and it should solve the WhatsApp not showing Gallery photos issue immediately.

Fix 6: Uninstall and Reinstall the WhatsApp

Sometime simply Uninstalling and Reinstalling the WhatsApp app will resolve the WhatsApp gallery photos access issue. 

Therefore, uninstall the app from your phone first, then reinstall it, and check to see whether WhatsApp is showing your phone gallery photos without any issue or not.

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Fix 7: Restart Your Phone

If all above mentioned methods are not working for you, there could be a problem with your phone rather than the WhatsApp app. Therefore, close the WhatsApp app and reboot your device.

Once phone is rebooted, check now again if WhatsApp is able to access your Gallery photos without any issue.

WhatsApp Not Showing Gallery Photos on Android

To fix the issue, go to WhatsApp settings and provide “photos & media” access to app and restart the app and try to access photos again, you would be able to access gallery photos in WhatsApp.

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