How to Fix IRS Error Code 8302

Are you getting “A technical problem has occurred please try your request again error code -8302” on IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service is the revenue service of the federal government of the United States, responsible for collecting federal taxes and administering the Internal Revenue Code, the principal federal tax statute.

Lot of individuals are unable to access the IRS website services to file or check the tax status and face the error code 8302 when attempting to do so.

IRS error 8302 is basically seen when users try to login or create an account on IRS website to check the status

This article discusses in detail about the IRS Error Code 8302 and ways how you can try to fix the error on your end.

IRS Login Error Code 8302

Why IRS Error Code 8302 is Seen?

IRS Error Code 8302 occurs when either the IRS website’s servers are down or the website’s server is experiencing a technical issue from backend.

Also there is a possibility that your Internet connection is facing some issue and unstable, that is preventing you from filing the tax properly.

IRS Error Code 8302 can been seen because of below mentioned reasons:

  • There are some technical issues on the IRS website itself.
  • The servers for the IRS website are down, so it is currently unreachable.
  • Your Internet connection is unstable and slow.
  • There must be browser or local laptop device cache issue which is causing the error.

How to Fix the IRS Error Code 8302?

To resolve IRS error code 8302, check if you have a reliable internet connection, clear the browser cache and local cache on your laptop, and try to access the browser in incognito mode.

If there is a technical issue with the IRS website’s backend, you have to wait until the problem is resolved.

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Fix 1: Wait till the IRS Technical Issue is Resolved

There are very high chances that there is technical issue from IRS Website technical side itself rather on you. might be IRS website is facing some technical issue right now which not allowing you to access the services for now.

In that case, there isn’t much you can do from your end except to wait till IRS website is operational again from backend and you are able to login back.

Fix 2: Check Internet Connection Status

Sometime if Internet connection is not stable and fluctuating again and again, it would not allow to access and check the tax status on IRS website properly.

Always make sure to have the stable internet connection before accessing and IRS website.

Fix 3: Clear Browser Cache

Sometime browser cache into your laptop doesn’t allow you to access or login to IRS website properly. So clear the currently used browser cache and try to access the website again.

To clear the browser cache from the laptop, follow the below steps:

Chrome Users: Go to Chrome >> Top Right, Click ‘More’ >> Click on ‘Tools’ >> Click ‘Clear browsing data’ Select Time range or ‘delete everything’ to Clear Data, Check the Boxes “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” >> Click ‘Clear Data’.

FireFox Users: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete Keys together >> Go to ‘Clear Browsing Data Window’ option >> Select ‘Cached Images and Files’ >> click ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and Firefox Cache would be clear.

Internet Explorer Users: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete Keys together >> Click ‘Temporary Internet Files’ option >> click ‘Delete’ option and IE browser Cache would be clear.

Safari Users: Press Ctrl+Alt+Letter ‘E’ Keys together >> Click ‘Empty’ button and Safari browser Cache would be clear.

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Fix 4: Check if IRS Website Servers are Down

Follow one of below methods to check if IRS website is down:

  1. Go to Downdetector website >> Search for the IRS and select the IRS website from available option >> see the IRS website services graph to see if there is any spike on users report for not able to access the website. If a spike occurs, it indicates that either the IRS servers are offline or there is an issue.
  2. Another way is to check on Twitter by searching for “IRS Down” to see if there are some new tweets about it.

Fix 5: Disable the VPN if Used into Laptop

Disabling the locally used VPN into your PC helps sometime in accessing and login properly on IRS website. disable the VPN and ensure that it is not restricting you to access the site.

Fix 6: Update Browser to Latest Available Version

If the browser version you are using is out-of-date, you may receive error code 8302 when attempting to access the IRS website. If you are using Chrome, update it to the most recent version to resolve the issue.

Steps to Update Chrome Browser to Latest Version:

Click ‘Three Dots’ in Top Right >> Click Chrome ‘Help’ >> ‘About Google Chrome’ >> ‘Checking for Updates’ and it would show if any Google Chrome updates are available for you. Click ‘Update’, restart browser and access IRS website page again.

Fix 7: Reboot Your Laptop Device

At last if nothing works for you, try to give the chance to reboot your laptop or mobile device to access the IRS website again, it would help out to resolve the issue.


Why IRS Login Error Code 8302 seen on the iPhone?

To fix the IRS Login Error Code 8302 on iPhone, make sure you have a stable internet connection, providing all the required permissions to the IRS app form settings and clear the app cache.

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Why IRS Login Error Code 8302 seen on Android?

To fix the IRS Login Error Code 8302 on Android, make sure you have a stable internet connection, providing all the required permissions to the IRS app form settings and clear the app cache.

Why Does the IRS2GO app Keep Crashing / Stopping?

If the IRS2GO app keeps crashing then try to forcibly close the IRS2GO app into your phone, reboot your mobile phone and open the app again, it would resolve the issue.

How do I Reset the IRS2GO app on my iPhone?

Go to the iPhone Settings >> app >> General >> Reset >> Reset Location & Privacy on the device then swipe close IRS2GO app and open it again.

Why IRS2GO app Notifications are not Working?

IRS2GO app notifications are not working because you have not enabled IRS2GO app notification into your mobile phone.

Steps to enable IRS2GO app notifications:

Android Users:  Navigate to Settings >> Navigate to applications >> Select the IRS2GO app >> Turn on notification.

iPhone Users:  Navigate to Settings >> Select Notifications >> Scroll down and select the IRS2GO app >> Turn on notifications.

Now IRS2GO app notifications will be enabled and start showing on your screen onwards.

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