How To Un Repost On Threads?

Have you just reposted a post on the Threads app and don’t know how to delete it from your profile?

Don’t worry, this article will teach you How to un-repost it.

Threads is a new twitter rival app. Giving us 4 different ways to interact such as linking the post, commenting, reposting and by sharing. 

Within just 5 days, over 100 million users joined Threads breaking the ChatGPT record. And has over 95 million posts.

Similar to Twitter and Strange to Instagram, Threads enables its users to repost the posts they like. And it will be visible on the user’s Thread profile.

How To Un Repost On Threads

This simple steps below will guide you to remove the repost within a minute.

Step 1: Open The Threads App

If you open the Threads app, it will straight away take you to the home page.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile On The App

To go to your profile page, click the profile icon on the button right corner on the homepage of the Threads app.

Now you will be navigated to your profile page.

Step 3: Select The Option Icon On The Post You Wanted To Delete

The option Icon is on the right side of the post.

By selecting you will be able to 4 options – Mute, Remove, Block and Report.

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Step 4: Select The Remove Option to Un Repost

Within a few seconds your repost will be removed from your Threads account. 

Reload your profile by swiping down to check if the post is removed.

This is how you should un-repost on the Threads app.