Can People See What You Like on Threads

Are you also wondering if other people can see what you like on Threads?

If you answered yes, you are not alone!

Threads is a new text-based social media app created by Instagram as a companion app, where you can follow everyone you follow on Instagram.

This exciting new app has a lot of buzz, and thus many have started wondering how it actually works.

One such question that people are now asking is: “Will other users be able to see what posts you liked on Threads?”

We are here to answer just that, so read on to find out!

The new text-based social media app by Instagram has been creating a lot of buzz amongst everyone. (image source: Instagram Blog)

Can People See What You Like on Threads

Yes, people can see what you like on Threads.

This is because of the algorithm and programming which dictates how the app works.

However, this does not mean that your entire activity on the platform can be seen by everyone.

It means that your followers might be able to see some posts and Threads that you have interacted with on their own feed from time to time if the algorithm determines that the original post is relevant to the user.

If you liked a Thread and it is relevant to a follower’s algorithm, they will be shown the Thread with a text on top saying “[your name] liked

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Similarly, your followers will be able to see any Threads that you may have replied to as well.

Your followers will be able to see your interactions with Threads on their feed. (image source: Meta Blog)

While your replies will also be accessible via your Profile page to anyone who views it, likes are not always seen by everyone else in the same way.

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