Do Hashtags Work On Instagram Threads?

If you’re also looking for the answer of this question then you’re at the right place. Threads is a fresh social media app which excites and attracted millions of users in very less time. It serves as a microblogging site and revolves around regular updates from news, brands and services etc. like Twitter. Users can like, comment, reply to, repost posts to their own feed identically to Twitter.

But, users have some confusion around the prominent hashtag feature which is not present currently on Threads. Hashtags are not currently supported on Threads app. When you try to use hashtag then it appears in your feed like a normal text and you can not increase your chances to engage more with users.

However, Threads does not currently support hashtags and you may face difficulty in exploring trending tabs. Here in this guide, we’ll discuss about hashtags feature on Threads app.

Why Are Hashtags Important For Users?

  • Hashtags allow users to filter through topics related to their interest. People can explore trending topics with one click on hashtags.
  • Hashtags allow users to highlight the subject of their Threads which grabs more attention of people and helps them to explore more about that particular topic.
  • Users can easily get their content in front of millions of audience and you can raise awareness about your b
  • Hashtags target a very specific group of people and very convenient for users to follow topics of their advantage.
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Do Hashtags Work On Instagram Threads?

No, hashtags don’t work on Instagram Threads currently. As it’s a newly launched app it is under its infancy stage and working on developing the features in which it is lagging behind.

Now, without hashtags users rely on the algorithm to feed them posts about that subject matter which they want to read about.

You can put hashtags in your Threads but it will be shown as a normal text and if you click on it then you’ll get no output.

As to the article published in The Times Of India recently, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that the company will add the option of edit button and hashtags soon. They are working on it and these features are certain to arrive on the Threads app.

Until then you can enjoy Threads with posting images, videos and many other provisions.