Google Fi Unlimited Plus Review

Are you in search of a comprehensive mobile plan that offers more than just the basics?

The Google Fi Unlimited Plus plan could be on your radar, boasting a generous data allowance and a suite of perks designed for the heavy data user and the international traveler.

 In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan, discussing its features, pricing, and overall performance.

What is Google Fi Unlimited Plus Plan?

The Unlimited Plus plan is Google Fi’s top-tier option, designed for heavy data users and those who want the extra perks that come with a premium plan.

This plan includes unlimited data, calls, and texts, with some additional benefits over the lower-tier plans.

Google Fi Unlimited Plus Plan’s Pricing and Features

Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan is structured to cater to various types of users, from individuals to families or groups. For a single line, the plan starts at $70 per month, which places it in the higher range compared to some other carriers.

However, the cost-effectiveness improves as you add more lines:

  • For two lines, the price is $110 per month, which breaks down to $55 per line.
  • For three lines, the total is $135 per month, bringing the cost down to $45 per line.
  • Four lines cost $160 per month in total, which is only $40 per line.
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This tiered pricing makes the Unlimited Plus plan an attractive option for families or groups looking to save on their monthly phone bill while still enjoying the benefits of an unlimited plan.

International Coverage and Travel Benefits

The international coverage of the Unlimited Plus plan is one of its most compelling features.

With the ability to text and use data in over 200 destinations worldwide at no extra cost, it’s a plan that’s tailor-made for those who travel frequently for business or pleasure.

Data used internationally comes out of your high-speed data allotment, and once you exceed your limit, data speeds are reduced (typically to 256kbps).

Additionally, the plan includes free calls to over 50 countries and territories from the U.S., which can lead to significant savings for those who often make international calls.

High-Speed Data and Throttling

While the Unlimited Plus plan offers unlimited data, it’s important to note that high-speed data is only guaranteed for the first 22GB of usage per month.

Beyond that threshold, Google Fi may throttle speeds to ensure network reliability, which is a common practice among many carriers offering unlimited plans.

For the majority of users, 22GB is quite generous, but for those who stream a lot of video or engage in other high-bandwidth activities, this limit could be a concern.

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Extra Perks

The Unlimited Plus plan isn’t just about calls, texts, and data. It also includes a complimentary subscription to Google One with 100GB of cloud storage.

This can be incredibly useful for backing up photos, videos, and documents, and for those already invested in the Google ecosystem, it’s a valuable addition.

Moreover, the plan offers a Google Fi VPN for added security, which can be particularly beneficial when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, whether at home or abroad.

Data Policy

While the plan is advertised as “unlimited,” there is a caveat to consider. Google Fi will begin to throttle data speeds after 22GB of usage per month.

This means that while you won’t face overage charges, your internet speeds could slow down significantly after you hit that cap, which is something to keep in mind if you’re a heavy data user.

Additional Perks

The Unlimited Plus plan comes with 100GB of Google One cloud storage, which is a nice bonus for those who rely on cloud services for work or personal use.

It also offers free calls to 50+ countries and territories, adding to its value for international communication.

Customer Experiences

User experiences with Google Fi, especially regarding customer service, can be mixed.

Some users have reported issues with customer support, as noted in a forum, where a customer mentioned having trouble with their unlimited data service.

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However, experiences can vary widely, and many users report satisfaction with the service and coverage.