How to Fix “This Zip Code Is Not In Our Coverage Area” on Mint Mobile

Are you having trouble trying to use Mint Mobile? Maybe you are seeing the error message, “Oops! This Zip code is not in our coverage area” when you are trying to activate the Mint Mobile SIM in your phone after putting the ZIP code for your area. Many others have also faced this problem and successfully solved it with the help of our guide. 

Mint Mobile is one of the leading mobile network operators based in California. Due to the vast area that the network covers, it is one of the most popular phone networks.

However, there can be issues that might make you feel frustrated while activating the Mint Mobile SIM. But have no worries as we are here to help you!

In this article, we will be looking at the issue of why the Mint Mobile App is showing the error of “Oops! This Zip code is not in our coverage area”  and how you can fix it.

What Does “This Zip code Is Not In Our Coverage Area” Mean On Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile This Zip Code Is Not In Our Coverage Area

When you are seeing the error message “Oops! This Zip code is not in our coverage area” while trying to activate your SIM from Mint Mobile in your phone then that means the area within the ZIP Code is not updated in the Mint Mobile Map area coverage.

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Sometimes the area might not fall under the coverage of the Mint Mobile network itself but often this error occurs due to the coverage areas map of Mint Mobile not getting updated for some time in their system database.

If you see this error then there is no need to worry as you can easily solve it by following our fixes section below.

How to Fix “This Zip code Is Not In Our Coverage Area” On Mint Mobile?

In case of the error message regarding the coverage area while trying to activate the Mint Mobile SIM you should first check whether you have put the correct ZIP Code for your area. First, check it to make sure that the ZIP Code is correct and then try to activate the SIM. 

If the error still persists then it has another very easy solution that you can try. You just need to provide a ZIP code from a nearby town or locality which Mint Mobile will accept.

You might need to go through a bit of trial and error to see which ZIP code is finally accepted by Mint Mobile. However, as soon as you find one Mint Mobile will have no problem getting activated in your phone.

Mint Mobile Customer Support

In case you see that your phone does not have any signal even after activating the SIM then you should contact the Mint Mobile Support Team at 800-683-7392 and talk to them regarding this issue.

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Mint Mobile does cover a huge area however there can be certain areas that are not covered by Mint Mobile. So make sure to check with the support team whether you fall into the area of coverage.

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