How To Fix The Spectrum Mobile Not Making Or Receiving Calls?

Do you have the Spectrum Mobile not making or receiving calls problem? Aren’t you able to call your friends, family, college, or office? Is your mobile device not receiving calls? What causes the calling problem? Do you know the methods to fix the problem?

You don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. We got you a complete guide on the causes and methods to fix the call problem.

The Spectrum Mobile is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Providers(MVNP). It provides various mobile services to its customers. Spectrum Mobiles has affordable mobile plan options for customers. 

The Spectrum offers other services such as electronic devices and Internet facilities. The Spectrum Mobile provides nationwide 5 G network coverage. It is known for its affordable and no-contract mobile services. 

Spectrum Mobile also has good customer service. The calling problems are a common issue. You can resolve the problem with this article. 

What Causes The Spectrum Mobile Not Making Or Receiving Calls Problem?

The causes of the Spectrum Mobile call problem are network connectivity problems, misplaced or damaged SIM card, call app cache, enabled airplane mode, outdated phone app, and outdated mobile software.

Below are the explanations for the causes of the Spectrum Mobile making or receiving call problems. 

1. Network Connectivity Problem

The network connectivity problems can cause calling issues. Users should have a proper network connection to make or receive mobile calls. 

Multiple factors are causing the network connectivity problems. Being in a poor network or no-network coverage area can cause connectivity issues on your mobile device. Network maintenance or repair work in your area can cause the network connectivity problem.

2. Misplaced Or Damaged SIM Card

A misplaced or damaged SIM card can cause difficulties with the Spectrum Mobile network connection. It causes problems with the mobile call services. 

A misplaced SIM card is difficult for your mobile to read. It causes disturbance in the network connection. It includes mobile calls, messages, and Internet connectivity problems. 

A damaged SIM card causes similar problems as a misplaced SIM card. You might experience frequent network difficulties. 

3. Phone/ Call App Cache

The phone app cache can cause call problems. The cached file can hamper the Phone app’s performance. It also delays the loading time for responses. 

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The app cache is the unnecessary files stored. The app cache consists of files downloaded by the app to improve its performance. The files cause problems with the app after a period. The app or software does not delete the cached files automatically.  

4. Tuned On Airplane Mode

Enabled Airplane mode does not allow the mobile device to connect with the SpectrumNetwork. It does not allow users to make or receive mobile calls. It also does not allow customers to access Spectrum Mobile Internet services. 

Turning on the Airplane Mode disconnected your mobile device from the Spectrum Mobile network. You can’t turn on or off the mobile data or hotspot on your mobile device. 

5. Outdated Phone App

An outdated phone app can cause technical bugs. It also causes problems in the app’s performance. An outdated Phone app can cause calling problems. 

The technical bugs on the app persist in the app version. Users can experience problems making or receiving calls on an outdated Phone app. It can cause missing out on new features. 

6. Outdated Mobile Software

Outdated mobile software can cause technical problems and performance errors. It causes problems on the mobile device and mobile applications. 

Outdated mobile software on your mobile device can cause incompatibility between your device and the Spectrum Mobile network. It can cause calling problems on your mobile device. 

These six reasons are the causes for the Spectrum Mobile calling problems. Try understanding the causes to find better fixes.

How To Fix The Call Problems On The Spectrum Mobile?

Have an active mobile plan and resolve the SIM card problems. Update the Phone app and clear the cache on the app. Resolve network problems to fix the Spectrum Mobile not making or receiving calls.

Below is the elaboration of the methods to fix the Spectrum Mobile call problems.

1. Toggle On And Off The Airplane Mode

You can turn on and off the Airplane mode on your mobile device. It can resolve the network problems.

You can access the Airplane mode on the mobile device’s Settings app. You can also use the Control Center on the Android mobile device/ the Quick Settings on the iPhone device.

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2. Restart Your Mobile Device

Try restarting your mobile device to resolve the call problems. You can also power off and on the mobile device.

It can resolve technical bugs and network problems. iPhone mobile device does not have the restart option.

You can resolve the network problems to resolve the calling issues. Try using the methods to resolve the problem in our article How To Fix The Spectrum Mobile No Service.’

3. Have an active Mobile Plan

You should have an active mobile plan to make or receive calls. You can recharge a mobile plan on your Spectrum Mobile network.

You can recharge a mobile plan on the My Spectrum app or the Spectrum Mobile website. You can pay your bill via online payment.

You can also contact Spectrum Mobile customer service and request them to recharge a mobile plan.

You can visit your nearby Spectrum Mobile physical store and avail a mobile plan offline.

4. Remove And Reinsert Your Spectrum Mobile SIM Card

Remove and reinsert your Spectrum Mobile SIM card on your mobile device. It can resolve the misplacement of the SIM card.

Try wiping the SIM card and SIM slot with a tissue. It removes the dirt in the SIM card and SIM slot.

You can use the trial and error method to find a proper SIM card placement. You can also use your device’s manual.

5. Turn Off And On The Spectrum Mobile SIM Card

You can turn off and on the Spectrum Mobile SIM card. It resolves the SIM card and network problems temporarily.

You can turn off and on your Spectrum Mobile ESIM on your mobile device’s Settings.

Go to the mobile device’s Network Settings on your mobile device to toggle off and on the SIM card.

6. Update Your Phone App

You can update your Phone app. It can resolve the app problems. You need a stable Internet connection to install the update.

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Steps To Update Your Phone App On Your Mobile Device:

  • Go to the app store. You can use the Play Store on your Android mobile or the Apple Stores on your iPhone mobile device. 
  • Select your Profile icon on the app stores.
  • Go to the Manage App and Device option. 
  • Select the pending updates on the iptions. 
  • Scroll down and spot the Phones app. 
  • Select the Install option.

7. Clear Phone App Cache

Try clearing the cached files. It can resolve the technical problems and performance difficulties in the Phone app.

You can offload your Phone app. It deletes the data and settings on the app. You can log in and start using the app as a new one.

8. Update Your Mobile OS

You can update your mobile OS. It resolves the incompatibility between your mobile device and the Spectrum Mobile network.

You can install the mobile OS on your mobile Settings. Your device requires a stable mobile network to install the updates.

Go to the mobile device Settings and check for software updates. Install the update and restart your mobile device.

9. Contact Spectrum Mobile Customer Service

Try contacting the Spectrum Mobile customer service. They will provide you assistance to resolve the call problems.

To contact Spectrum Mobile Customer Service, dial 866-782-2681. You can also visit the Spectrum Mobile Contact page. You can contact them online through the web page. 

You can dial 866-991-6500 to recharge your account. It is the customer service number to add or upgrade the mobile plan.