Google Fi Port Out: Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Are you interested in porting your device out of the Google Fi network?

But maybe you are not sure how you can do that.

In that case, there is no need to worry because in this article we will show you exactly how you can port out of Google Fi.

While Google Fi is a great network that you can use for your device, you might be interested in another carrier.

You will need to prepare a few things before you can prepare your transfer as well as a few details such as Account PIN, Account Number and Address.

You can read on to see how you can prepare your device and how you can get these details to transfer your device to a new network.

Google Fi Port Out
Google Fi Port Out

How To Prepare Your Number To Transfer From Google Fi To a New Carrier

There are a few things that you need to prepare before you decide to transfer your number from Google Fi to another carrier.

Below we have listed these requirements in detail for your convenience.

1. Find a Suitable New Carrier

The first thing that you need to do is to find a new carrier that you want to port your device and number in from Google Fi.

There are many services available that you can take which give you credit when you port your number to their network. You can check out our other article here for the details.

2. Unlock Your Phone

Make sure that you have your phone unlocked before you try to bring your device to another carrier’s network if you are bringing a new phone.

If your phone is bought from Google Fi then it is not necessary as phones in Google Fi are unlocked.

No carrier allows a locked device in their network so if you have your device locked then you will have to unlock it before you can port it to another carrier.

To unlock your device you can consult the manual given by the manufacturer to see the procedure to unlock your phone. 

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3. Google Fi Number Should be Active

Google Fi Plans
Google Fi Plans

 Make sure that your Google Fi number should be active when you are trying to port it to a new network.

If your Google Fi is not active then you will not be able to port it to a new carrier.

If your Google Fi plan is not active make sure to activate it first or take a plan and then you can port it to a new carrier.

Details Needed To Port From Your Google Fi To a New Carrier

There are certain details that you need to have before you can port out your number from Google Fi. 

After you have gotten these details you will have to use it to port out your number and then port into another carrier. 

These details would include the Google Fi Account number, Account PIN and Address.

1. Google Fi Account Number

Your Google Fi Account number is a unique number that it assigns to a customer.

It is not your phone number. You will need this number when you want to port your number out as well as when you want to change your account details in Google Fi.

To get your account number you can log in to your account from the website and then go to Manage Plan >> Leave Google Fi >> follow the instructions on screen >> Transfer Your Number To Another Carrier. Now get the account number from the website.

You can also get the account number from  Google Fi by logging into your account and then going to Profile icon >> Accounts >> Manage Plan >> Leave Google Fi.

2. Google Fi Transfer PIN

The next thing that you need to port out of your Google Fi network is the Account PIN which is also called Security PIN.

This PIN serves as a transfer PIN when you want to port out of Google Fi to another network.

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The good news is that you can get the account PIN the same way you got the ASccount Number in Google Fi.

You can just follow the instructions given above and get your Account PIN along with your Google Fi Account number.

3. Your Residential Address Mentioned Into Google Fi Account

Not all carrier asks for an address however some carrier might ask for it. In that case, you will have to submit the exact same address that you have with your Google Fi account.

If you have changed your address recently then first update the address in your Google Fi account and then give that address to your new carrier.

How To Port Out Number From Google Fi Network?

There are certain methods that you can try when you want to port out your number from the Google Fi network.

You can visit the carrier store of your new carrier where you want to port, or you can activate the number yourself or contact the support team of the new carrier.

Method 1: Visit the Carrier Store

The first method that you can try is to visit the Carrier store of your new carrier. You can locate one nearest to you and then go there and talk to the store personnel.

They will complete the procedure got you and activate your number in the network.

Make sure to take all the details such as the Account number, Account PIN and address before you visit the store.

Method 2: Activate the Number Yourself

The next method is to activate the number yourself after you have bought the SIM of your new network.

Different carriers have different ways through which you can activate your device.

You should visit their website and follow the instructions given there to activate the number or the device.

After your activation has been successful you will be sent an email or text from the carrier.

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Method 3: Contact Carrier’s Support Team

If you are not sure about how you can activate your number or device then you can contact the support Team of your new carrier and ask the personnel there how you can activate your device on their network.

You can get the Support Team number on the website of your new carrier.

What Can You Do After Porting Your Number From Google Fi?

You will be sent an email or text from your new carrier confirming that your device has been ported to the new carrier.

If you have any outstanding bills from Google Fi then you will be sent an email from Google Fi on the next billing cycle. You will have to clear the bill now.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Have Your Number Transferred From Google Fi Network?

Google Fi Customer Support
Google Fi Customer Support

The process can be completed within 30 minutes however it is advised to wait for a few hours till your number gets transferred from Google Fi.

You can contact the Customer Support of Google Fi if you see your number has not been transferred even after a few hours.

Will You Be Charged If You Port Out Your Number From Google Fi Network?

No, Google Fi does not charge you anything when you want to Port your number out from the Google Fi network however you will have to clear any outstanding bill that you have from Google Fi.

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