How to Fix Vinted Item Not Sent

Have you bought an item from Vinted recently but now you see that the item is not getting sent by the seller?

This can be a headache and a potential cause for worry as Vinted is an online platform due to which you might not be acquainted with the seller who is selling you the item.

These platforms can become the hub of potentially fraudulent activities at times. However, have no worries as we are here to help you.

Vinted is a secure online platform where you can sell and buy second-hand stuff and have no worries as you can get a refund in case of any fraudulent activities.

In this article, we will be talking about all the fixes that you can try when the seller is not sending the item that you have bought from them in Vinted.

Vinted Item Not Sent

Why Is Your Vinted Item Not Sent?

The seller might have faced some difficulty while shipping your item or you might have faced some fraudulent activities when you bought the item in Vinted.

The seller might not be able to send the item to you because the shipping does not go to your address or you have given the wrong address.

Whatever the issue is you can check out our fixes section to fix it easily.

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What To Do If Vinted Item Is Not Sent?

If you see that the seller is not shipping the item that you have purchased from Vinted then you need to contact the Vinted Support Team as soon as you can.

This might be a scam or a fraudulent account that you have bought the item from. If you have already talked to the seller before buying the item then there might be some issues that the seller is facing while shipping your item.

In that case, it is best that you contact them and ask about your item before you contact Vinted Support and talk to them about this issue.

Vinted Support

Also, make sure to check the address that you have provided as the shipping company that the seller is shipping with might not ship to your location or the address is wrong. Try to reach out to the seller first and talk these things out before taking any other steps.

Vinted have a transparent system of payment so if your item was not sent then you will automatically get a refund for your account when the time has passed during which the seller should have sent the item.

In case you can not get an automatic refund or you need the item urgently then you can reach out to Vinted Support Team.

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