Can You Get Scammed On Vinted?

Are you having lots of questions about scams in Vinted platform?

Maybe you are hesitating to use the platform as you think you might get scammed.

Vinted is an online marketplace to sell and buy various second-hand things. It is an important platform as many users use this to sell and buy second-hand items.

However, there can be various scams on this platform due to it being online.

In this article, we will be discussing extensively everything that you need to know about scams in Vinted and how you can avoid those.

Can You Get Scammed On Vinted?

Yes, it’s possible to get scammed on Vinted. People might try to sell you fake items or lie about who they are.

Sometimes, the pictures of the item might not show its true condition. Sellers can also get tricked if a buyer says they didn’t get the item when they really did.

But don’t worry, Vinted has ways to keep you safe. If you only talk and pay through Vinted, check who you’re dealing with, and tell Vinted if something seems wrong, you can avoid most problems. So, while tricks can happen on Vinted, you can do things to stay safe.

When you are using the platform of Vinted you can fall victim to scams like counterfeiting, misleading photos, deceptive profile and strange profile.

Counterfeit Products

Some sellers may attempt to sell counterfeit items as genuine, exploiting the trust of the buyer.

Misleading Photos

Photos can sometimes be misleading, depicting the item inaccurately or in a way that doesn’t represent its actual condition.

Deceptive Profiles

Fake profiles are another common type of scam. Scammers may use a false identity to earn trust and convince you to complete transactions outside the platform.

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Suspicious Behaviors

Unusual or suspicious behaviors should raise red flags. For instance, if a user insists on communicating or completing transactions outside the Vinted platform, this is a clear indication of potential fraud.


What To Do If Scammed On Vinted?

When you realize that you have been the victim of a scam in Vinted then there are certain measures that you can take to protect yourself from the scam.

When you realize that the person you have been chatting with could be a deceptive person or the account is fake then you can report it to the Vinted team by clicking on the “I have a problem” option in the chat. Vinted might take 2 to 3 days to get back to you.

Another option that you can use in case you have been delivered a counterfeit or your item has not been delivered is to notify Vinted within two days of getting the item.

You can contact the Customer Support of Vinted in that case. 

Can Sellers Be Scammed On Vinted?

Yes, sellers can also get scammed on V9nyed. As Vointed does not pay the seller till the buyer has received the item, the butter can claim that they have not received the item even when they have received it.

In such a situation Vinted will not pay Seller. The buyer can also claim that the profit is defective or is not matching to the description that is shown in the Vinted platform and they can ask for a refund.

Vinted will have to refund the buyer in such a case and the Seller will not get the payment that they deserve.

It is thus important that you keep ready the evidence such as the delivery notice from your shipping company or any other evidence that will be helpful to prove your innocence to the seller when you would report the issue to Vinted.

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How To Report a Scammer On Vinted?

To report a scammer in Vinted you will have to contact the Customer Support of Vinted and talk to them.

Vinted Contact Page

After you click on the Contact Us option by going to customer support you will have to fill the boxes by giving details on your order and then provide your email.

After this, you can upload any pictures that you want Vionted to see reading this issue and finally describe the issue that you have been facing. After you are done click on the Send issue for review button to submit the report.

How Not To Get Scammed On Vinted?

There can be certain measures that you can take to ensure that you do not get scammed.

Below we have discussed some of those so that you can use Vinted with safety.

1. Keep the Conversation in Vinted

You should always talk with the buyer or the seller in Vinted because then it will act as evidence of something went wrong. Never take the conversation out of the vinted platform to anywhere else.

You should be extremely cautious of people who suggest taking it outside of Vinted.

2. Check the Buyer’s or Seller’s Profile

Before you decide to buy from anyone or sell to anyone you should check their profile out and see whether their profile seems real or whether it seems fake.

Check if it has enough detail or whether their rating is good if they have been selling stuff.

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3. Keep the Details Private

You should not share your details with others in Vinted as you do not know what type of person is talking with you on the other side. In that case, it is better to not reveal any personal information or details.

4. Use the Platform in Vinted Payment System

Make sure to use the platform of Vinted for payments that you need to make through Vinted.

When you use the payment platform that is recommended in Vinted then it will act as evidence in case the other person claims that you have not paid them.

Also vinted can only interfere with the payment option if you pay the seller through Vinted platform.

5. Keep Evidence Handy and Contact Vinted

You should also keep evidence handy such as the shipping tracking or any evidence of payment etc in case you have to provide some to Vinted.

If you believe that you have been the victim of a scam then promptly contact the Support Team of Vinted and talk to them in detail. The faster you contact them the faster this issue will get solved by them.

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