How to FIx Vinted Payment Processing

Are you having trouble while making payments in Vinted?

Maybe every time you try to purchase something you see the message, “Processing Payment. Payment processing may take up to 15 mins”.

Generally, the payment goes through instantly however this delay could cause not only frustration but can also make you worried about whether there is anything wrong with the vinted payment process.

Vinted is an online marketplace for apparel and accessories where you can buy and sell them with ease. However similar to other marketplaces Vinted can also have issues and errors that might cause problems for you.

In this article, we will be going through the foxes that will help you to fix the issue of Vinted Payment problem which keeps showing that the payment is processing.

What Causes Vinted Payment Processing?

Vinted Payment Processing

The issue of Payment Processing can happen at times when you are trying to pay in Vinted after buying something. There might be a bug in the app which is causing the issue or a technical error in the payment process of Vinted.

The delay in Payment Processing can also happen due to a server outage that Vinted migh5t be facing or scheduled maintenance that is being done by the technical team.

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This issue of Payment processing generally means that it will take a longer time for Vinted to process the payment.

You can easily fix this issue by going through our fixes section below. 

How To Fix Vinted Payment Processing?

There are a few fixes that you can try to fix the issue of the Vinted Payment Processing problem when you are trying to make a payment through Vinted.

1. Wait For Sometime

After you see the message of Payment Processing in Vinted you need to wait for some time and have patience. Many users have said that the payment was successfully processed after 15 minutes but sometimes it can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You should wait at least an hour and see whether that solved the issue in Vionted and whether your payment was successfully able to process.

Vinted Server Status

In case of a server outage or if Vinted server is going through scheduled maintenance by the technical team of Vinted then that can also make the server work slowly due to which Vinted might be showing you the message.

You can check the server status of Vinted from here to be sure whether the server is functional. If the severe is operational and yet you keep seeing the message then please try the other fixes below.

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2. Restart Vinted App

The next fix that you can try is to close the app completely and then restart the Vinted App. To close Vointed you would have to use Force Stop.

You can go to Settings >> Apps >> Vinted >> Force Stop and then stop Vinted completely on your device.

After this, you will have to open Vinted again from your phone and then try to buy the apparel that you want.

2. Contact the Vinted Support Team

Vinted Support

If you have already tried both the fixes given above and you still aren’t able to solve the issue of Payment Processing in your Vinted App then it is time got you to contact the Support Team of Vinted and talk to them regarding this issue. In case there are any problems their team of professionals will be able to help you out.

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