How To Unblock And Report Someone On Vinted

Have you blocked someone mistakenly on Vinted? Don’t know how to unblock them? Annoyed by some member on Vinted, Want to report them? This article will guide you through the procedure.

Vinted is an online platform selling and buying second-hand produce. Vinted has 77.31 million monthly visitors on average.

Members of Vinted can send messages, command and follow you. You can also follow other members on Vinted.

How To Unblock Someone On Vinted?

To Unblock a member requires only 3 following steps.

You might have blocked someone’s mistakenly or blocked them long back and now you wanted to unblock them. Follow the below steps to do that.

Step 1 : Search For The Profile You Have Blocked

Go to Vinted, Search the profile you had blocked. Remember the Blocked profile username is important to unblock the profile.

You will not be able to see the list of people you have blocked on Vinted like you will see on Whatsapp and other platforms.

Step 2 : Click The 3 Dots On The Person’s Profile Page

After you successfully found out the person you blocked, click the 3 dots on the top right corner of the person’s profile. 

After clicking, you will be able to see a number of options. In those options, you will be able to see the unblock option.

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Step 3 : Select Unblock Option

Select the unblock option to unblock the profile you have previously blocked.

You will have Unblocked the profile successfully after following these steps.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Vinted?

If you blocked Someone on the Vinted, 

  • They will not be able to send you message
  • They will not be able to Buy your products
  • They can’t see your Profile 
  • They will not able to See your Listings
  • They can’t be able to See your Forum Command

How To Report Someone On Vinted?

If you want to report someone’s profile on the Vinted app. To know more about what kind of behavior you have to report Click Here.

The procedure of reporting someone is very similar to blocking someone.

Step 1 : Go to the person’s profile

Step 2 : Click the 3 dots appearing on the top right corner 

Step 3 : Select ‘Report’

Step 4 : State the reason

Step 5 : Click ‘Submit’.