How to Fix Vinted Withdrawal Not Working

Are you having trouble trying to withdraw your Vinted account balance from your bank account? Maybe the withdrawal is not working or showing that the withdrawal has failed.

This can be utterly frustrating and exhausting to deal with when you want to withdraw your earnings from Vinted.

The error message will show, “Something went wrong. We couldn’t authorize your bank account. Please check that all the info is correct”.

Vinted is an online marketplace where you can sell your old apparel and accessories easily without having to go through any hassle.

However due to being an online platform Vinted can have errors and problems that might keep you up at night.

In this article, we will be looking extensively at the issue of Withdrawal not working in Vinted and how you can fix that issue easily.

Why Is Vinted Withdrawal Not Working?

Vinted Withdrawal Not Working

There can be a few reasons why Vinted withdrawal is not working for you whenever you are trying to withdraw your money from there to your bank account.

These issues can range from wrong credentials input to insufficient balance in your account.

Below we will be discussing a few fixes that will help you to understand why you are unable to make withdrawals from Vinted.

  • You have put incorrect details by mistake while withdrawing.
  • The balance of your Vinted account is insufficient to get withdrawn from your bank account.
  • You haven’t cleared identity verification in Vinted.
  • Your IBAN has been blocked by your payment provider.
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How To Fix Vinted Withdrawal Not Working?

1. Re-Enter Your Payment Details And Try to Withdraw Again

Check and make sure that you have entered the correct details to withdraw your money from your Vinted account.

In case you haven’t put correct credentials or made any mistakes while typing them out that could be the reason why your withdrawal was declined from Vinted.

Try to re-enter your details again and see whether you are able to withdraw your money from Vinted.

2. Check the Balance in Your Account

If your Vinted account does not have enough balance then also you will not be able to withdraw money from it.

Before you try to withdraw money from vInted account always make sure that your Vinted account has enough money in it.

In case you aren’t able to withdraw, wait for some time and accumulate enough money and then withdraw altogether.

3. Clear Vinted Identity Verification

The first thing that you need to do is to clear your identity in Vinted through Vinted Identity verification. Viunted will not let you withdraw money if you have not gone through the identity verification process and verified your identity.

As withdrawing the money at times can fall victim to scams and fraudulent activities Vinted always ensures that the person who is withdrawing is the one who has the account by verifying their identity.

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In case you are unable to withdraw your money from Vinted always check whether you have already found the identity verification. If you haven’t then verify your identity and you will be able to withdraw.

4. Try to Use Local Payment Methods

In case you are using any international payment methods that might be a reason why you aren’t able to withdraw your money from your Vinted account.

Your IBAN might be blocked by the payment provider. In such a situation you can either contact your Payment provider and check with them regarding how you can lift the block in IBAN or you can use any local payment method to withdraw your funds from Vinted.

5. Contact the Support Team of Vinted

Vinted Support Team

After you have tried all the fixes above you should be able to make withdrawals from Vinted.

However, if you are still having issues typing to withdraw from Vinted then please contact the Vinted Support Team as there might be some kind of issue from the side of Vinted.

The professionals from Vinted Support Team will be able to help you out after you describe your issue to them.

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