What Does Interested, Reserved, Hidden Mean On Vinted

Are you confused about the different notifications in Vinted when it comes to the items?

Maybe you are completely puzzled that what can reserved, hidden or interested means when you are trying to use the Vinted [platform to sell or buy your clothes.

We understand your problem and that is why we are here to help you. In this article, we will be answering all your questions about what interested, reserved and hidden mean in Vinted.


What Does Interested Mean On Vinted?

Interested in Vinted means that someone had clicked on your item and chosen the “Ask The Seller” option to enquire about the item or to offer a purchase price.

When a buyer chooses to message the Seller after seeing the item then those buyers are listed as interested in your item in Vinted account.

According to a few users every time the buyer has contact with a seller the seller will see the number adding to the people interested in the item.

What Does Reserved Mean On Vinted?

Reserved in Vinted means that the item you want to buy has already been reserved by the seller for another buyer.

If you want to buy something but you can not at the moment then you can ask the seller to reserve it for you.

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Generally, the reserver time span lasts for 5 days and you will have to buy it within that time otherwise the item will again be made available to other buyers for purchase.

If you are interested in any item then please contact the seller and ask them to reserve the item for you.

What Does Hidden Mean On Vinted?

If you are seeing the hidden tag beside an item of yours then that means you have made the item hidden from the platform.

A hidden item means that it won’t be seen by buyers on the platform. You can follow the steps below to unhide your item or hide the item as you require.

  • Open Vinted App.
  • Go to your Profile Picture and select My Profile.
  • Open the listing of the items that you would like to hide.
  • Tap on the Hide option to enable or disable the feature.

In case you want to hide all your items you can use the Holiday mode feature of Vinted to do so.

Go to Account Settings and then Toggle on the Holiday Mode and all your items will be hidden instantly. When you want to disable the Holiday mode just toggle off the feature from your Account Settings and that will do.

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