7 Best Ways to Fix TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls

Are you one among the people who are struggling with the issue ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’ on TracFone Network? Don’t worry this is not an uphill battle.  This article will cover the reasons why you are facing this issue and some simple ways to solve the issue.

TracFone is a Mobile Virtual Network Provider, they offer a range of services suitable for most people. They provide mobile plans that are affordable and on no contract basis. Apart from mobile plans they provide 21 other services.

Why TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls

There are a number of reasons listed below for why you are unable to make or receive calls on TracFone.

1. Not Having Network Connection

Network is an important element that enables you to make or receive calls and text people. If your device is not connected to the network, then you might face the issue of ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’. You will also not be able to text or use the internet.

2. Airplane Mode Turned On

As same as Network connection, if airplane mode is turned on you might not be able to make or receive call and text. Turning on the Airplane mode stops your device from connecting with the network.

3. Issues With SIM Card 

There is a chance that your SIM card is misplaced in your device or your SIM card is damaged or broken. If this is the case, there will be trouble for your device to read the SIM card properly then your device will not be able to access the TracFone SIM card. This can cause the issue ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’.

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4. Software Issues

Unable to make or receive calls on TracFone might be due to the software on your device. It can be using outdated software on the device or outdated ‘Phones’ app.

How to Fix TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls

1. Turn ON AIrplane Mode And OFF To Resolve Network Issue

Toggling the Airplane Mode ON and OFF simultaneously enables your device to connect with a fresh network. This can fix the network issue in a very simple way.

To simultaneously turn on and off AIrplane mode:

  • Swipe down on the screen
  • Now you will be able to see the quick setting menu, spot Airplane Mode Icon
  • Touch the Airplane Mode icon to turn it on
  • Turn it off by touching it again after few seconds

Simply turning on and off your airplane mode can solve ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’ issue.

2. Restart Your Device To Fix Software Glitch

Restarting your mobile device is a great way to fix bugs and technical glitches temporarily within a few minutes. Restarting your device will also enable your device to establish a new network.  This can fix ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’ .

To Restart on Android,

  • Select and Hold the Power Button on the side of your device
  • A pop up menu will appear select “Restart’

On iPhone,

  • Press and hold the volume and power button on your iPhone 
  • ‘Slide to Power Off’ will appear, drag and hold it for few second until your device turn off
  • Press the power button to turn your device on
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3. Update ‘Phones’ App

There is a chance that the issue ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’ on your device. If it is due to the issue on the ‘Phones’ app. Not updating it will result in technical glitches and issues like this. Always update the app to prevent the issue from happening.

To update ‘Phone’ on Android,

  • Go to Playstore
  • Touch your profile on top right corner
  • Select ‘Manage Apps And Device’
  • Select ‘Updates available’
  • Search for ‘Phones’ app
  • Update it if update is available

On iPhone,

  • Go to App Store
  • Touch your Profile on the top right
  • Scroll down to see pending update app
  • Spot the Phones app
  • Update it

4. Clear Phones App Cache

There is a chance that the Phones App is unable to make or receive calls due to the cache it stored, you have to delete it by yourself to clear the issue of ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’ on the TracFone network.

To Clear Cache On Android, 

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Spot Phones app on the list
  • Select the app
  • Touch ‘clear cache’

On iPhone,

  • Go to settings
  • Go to General
  • Select iPhone Storage
  • Scroll down to see ‘Phone’ app
  • Select it 
  • Select ‘Offload App’

Don’t worry your contacts and history won’t be deleted in this process.

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5. Update OS On Your Device

Using an outdated OS on your device for a long time can cause you several troubles like the one you are facing ‘TracFone Not Making Or Receiving calls’. To resolve the issue, try updating your device. 

To Update Software on your device,

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Software Update
  • If an update is available, update it.

 6. Reinsert The SIM Card Properly

Try reinserting your SIM card on your device, this can solve the issue ‘Unable make or receive calls’ if the TracFone SIM is misplaced. 

To Reinsert The TracFone SIM card,

  • Spot ‘SIM Card Tray’ on your Phone
  • Remove it with the help of Ejector
  • Remove your TracFone SIM
  • Gently wipe the SIM and Tray with a tissue
  • Insert it again appropriately

7. Contact TracFone For Help

If none of the steps solves the issue ‘Unable to make or receive calls’ on TracFone. Contacting TracFone Support to resolve this issue is the way. 

To Contact them text ‘Help’ or ‘Support’ to 611611. 

Or dial 1-800-867-7183.