How to Fix “Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls” on TracFone

When you try to call for an emergency reason or just to talk to your favorite person, but you get an error message that “Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Call? Are you frustrated because of this issue? 

Don’t worry you will get an answer for all your questions about what causes the cellular network to not be available for voice calls and what can you do to fix this issue.

Tracfone is a mobile network operator providing affordable mobile plans and offers a range of recharge plans that are suitable for users. 

What Causes “Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls” on Tracfone

1. Being In Poor Or No Network Coverage Area

If you are in a poor or no network coverage area, you will get an error message saying ‘Cellular network not available for voice call’. 

If any accident or storm occurred in your area recently, there is a chance that your network. Due to its damage, people will not be able to access the network and internet in the area. 

2. Tracfone SIM Card Misplacement

The incorrect SIM card placement can make it unreadable by your mobile device, this can lead to failure in network connectivity. In turn it causes ‘Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Call’ issue.

3. Software Error Causing Network Failure

Software bugs and other technical issues on your device may cause network issues like cellular network failure to connect.

4.  Using Outdated OS On The Device

Using outdated devices or outdated software on your mobile can create incompatibility issues between Tracfone SIM card and the respective device.

These incompatibilities may lead to network issues like being unable to use the internet and network.

5. Not Activating Your Device For Tracfone

Not properly activating your device on the website of Tracfone or sudden inactivity your device gets from the Tracfone server may prevent your device from connecting with the network.

This can cause the ‘Cellular Network not available for Voice calls’ issue on your device.

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How to Fix “Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls” on Tracfone

You can fix the issue of cellular networks not being available for voice calls in the following ways.

1. Toggle Off And On Airplane Mode

First, check that your airplane is being enabled. If yes, simply turn it off. You resolved the issue.

If not, turning on and off the airplane mode can help you to connect with the network by re-establishing a fresh connection.

To turn on and off ‘Airplane Mode’ on android,

  • Swipe down to gain access to quick settings menu
  • Select Airplane mode icon
  • Select it again after 30-40 seconds to turn off airplane mode

For iPhone,

  • Swipe down from the upper right corner to gain access to control center
  • Select ‘Airplane Mode’ icon
  • Select it again after 30-40 seconds to turn off airplane mode

This will solve the issue of ‘Cellular data not being able to make Voice calls’ on Tracfone.

2. Restart Your Device To Overcome ‘Cellular network Error’

If the airplane mode method does not work, try restarting your device. It not only does what turning on and off the airplane mode does but it also temporarily fixes bugs on your device.

To Restart android mobile,

  • Press Power button
  • Hold it 5 to 10 seconds
  • A pop-up menu will appear, select ‘Restart’ 

To restart  iPhone,

  • Press The volume and power button for a few second
  • A power off slider will appear, drag it and wait for 30 seconds for the mobile to power off
  • Then, press and hold the side button on your right side of the device

This can help you to fix the issue of ‘Cellular network not available for voice calls’ issue on your device.

3. Enable ‘Network Select Automatically’

If you enable ‘Automatically Select Network’ your device will enable your device to connect with a network that is more suitable for providing a good network connection in whichever area you are in. 

To enable ‘Automatic Network Selection’ On iPhone,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Mobile Data
  • Select ‘Network selection’
  • Toggle on next to the ‘Automatic’ button
  • Or else you can also choose a network which works for your area
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On Android,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to ‘Network and Internet’
  • Go to ‘SIM card and mobile data’
  • Select Tracfone SIM on the option
  • Toggle on ‘Automatically select network’

This will solve your issue, if not continue following next methods.

4. Reinsert Tracfone SIM

Reinserting tracfone SIM properly again or if misplaced may help your SIM readable by your device if that is the problem. Try reinserting Tracfone SIM to solve the issue of ‘Cellular Network Not Available for Voice calls’.

To reinserting SIM card,

  • Locate SIM tray on your mobile phone
  • Remove the SIM tray with the help SIM ejector
  • Remove your SIM from it
  • Clean the SIM card and SIM tray with a tissue gently
  • Place  the SIM card properly on the SIM tray
  • Insert the SIM tray on your phone

5. Update The Latest Version Of Software

Updating your device to the latest Operating System (OS) will help the device to solve compatibility issues between the device and Tracfone SIM. Try updating your device software to solve the cellular network unavailability issue for voice calls.

To update your Mobile Software On Android,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to System
  • Select ‘System Update’
  • Install the ‘update’

To update software on iPhone,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General
  • Go to Software Updates
  • Select ‘Download and Install’ or ‘Install Now’

6. Check Tracfone Network Coverage To Resolve Cellular Network Unavailability

You might be traveling and facing a ‘cellular network not available for voice call’ issue at that time, it can be due to poor or no network coverage in the area you are in.  You have to move to a better network coverage area near you to make a voice call.

Or else the area you are staying may have no network coverage, because of any recent accident or Storm. If this is the case, you have to wait until the repair and restore the network issue. You can message ‘MIGRANT’ to 611611 to know the status of the repair process. 

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To check the Network coverage of your area,

  • Go to Tracfone Network coverage website
  • Enter the Zip code of your area
  • Select the appropriate option for the details they ask
  • Now you will be able check the network coverage

If they are undergoing any technical issue with the map, contact 1-877-430-CELL(2355) to know if your area has network coverage or not.

7. Activate The Device On Tracfone To Access The Network

If you have not activated your device on the Tracfone website or you have accidentally deactivated. You might have to activate it again.

There is also a chance your device might have deactivated due other issues. 

To activate,

  • Select ‘Activate’ on the top options of the page
  • Select ‘Keep Your Own Phone’
  • Select ‘Activate’ 
  • Wait until the process gets finished

That is, you activated your device on Tracfone and you will be able make calls without the error “Cellular Network Not Activated For Voice Calls’.

8. Contact Tracfone Team For Network Issue Assistance

If none of the above mentioned methods solve the problem “Tracfone Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls’. Then, You have to contact the Tracfone Support team for help.

Contact Tracfone for assistance, to conduct tracfone 1-800-867-7183.