How To Fix “Something Went Wrong” On TracFone My Account

Did ‘TracFone My Account App’ say Something went wrong? Are you freaking tired of this? Know what causes TracFone My Account App says ‘ Something went wrong and some simple ways to fix this issue. 

TracFone My Account App allows their users to manage their account, check the status of data usage and allows add ad-on data and refill both data and minutes.

It sometimes says “Something Went Wrong’ due to several reasons. Clearly that does not allow users to use the app at that time.

What Causes “Something Went Wrong” On TracFone My Account App?

1. Internet Issue

Not having a strong network can cause users unable to use websites and apps that require the internet. Having no or poor internet connectivity cause ‘TracFone My Account App’ to say something went wrong.

2. My Account App Cache

Uncleared Caches on the ‘TracFone My Account’ app can cause issues like ‘Something Went Wrong’, ‘Unable to access your account’ and increasing the processing time. 

3. Not Updating ‘TracFone My Account’ App

Using the old version of TracFone My Account App can cause technical issues like the one you experience and other technical glitches on the app. You are missing out on new features and upgrades ‘TracFone My Account App’ updated.

4. Server Issues On My Account

There is a chance that My Account App might be experiencing technical issues, under maintenance or on down time. This can also cause ‘Something Went Wrong’ on TracFone My Account App.

5. Outdated Device OS

Not updating Os on your device can cause potential issues. This can impact the device’s ability to process data, internet and to fix bugs or issues that occur in the device’s last OS version.

How To Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ On TracFone My Account App?

1. Toggling On And Off Airplane Mode

Doing these methods enable your device to connect with a fresh network, if it is experiencing network or internet issues. This method can possibly solve them and fixes the issue ‘Something Went Wrong’ on TracFone My Account App.

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To turn on and off ‘Airplane Mode’:

On android,

  • Swipe down to gain access to quick settings menu
  • Select Airplane mode icon
  • Select it again after 30-40 seconds to turn off airplane mode

On iPhone,

  • Swipe down from the upper right corner to gain access to control center
  • Select ‘Airplane Mode’ icon
  • Select it again after 30-40 seconds to turn off airplane mode

2. Restart Your Phone To Solve Issue On TracFone My Account App

Try restarting the device in which you use TracFone My Account app to solve the issue. Restraining your device will temporarily fix bugs and certain technical issues. It also does establish a new network connection like turning on and off the Airplane Mode does. 

To Restart android mobile,

  • Press Power button
  • Hold it 5 to 10 seconds
  • A pop-up menu will appear, select ‘Restart’ 

To restart  iPhone,

  • Press The volume and power button for a few second
  • A power off slider will appear, drag it and wait for 30 seconds for the mobile to power off
  • Then, press and hold the side button on your right side of the device

3. Clear Cache And Data On My Account App

Caches are stored by the app and not deleted by any software on the device. It should be done manually by users. If you haven’t cleared the cache for a long time, there is a chance that you experience technical difficulties on the respective app like you experiencing ‘Something Went Wrong’ on TracFone My Account app. 

To Clear My Account app Cache on Android,

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Search for the app
  • Go to storage and cache
  • Select ‘Clear cache’
  • Try ‘Clear Data’ if the issue not being solved

For iPhone,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General 
  • Select ‘iPhone Storage’
  • Select the “My Account app- ’ app
  • Click ‘Offload App’
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4. Turn Of The VPN

Using VPN can also be as a causal factor for the error ‘Something Went Wrong’ on TracFone My Account App. A simple step you can do to solve this issue is by turning the VPN off.

To Disconnect the VPN,

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Network And Internet’
  • Select VPN in the menu
  • Select the VPN you are using
  • Select the ‘Disconnect’ option

5. Force Stop The ‘TracFone My Account App’

As the name ‘Forcestop’ says it stops the app from loading or processing the action and it stops the app from running in the background as well. This can help you to solve the ‘Something Went Wrong’ issue on TracFone My Account app.

To Force stop on Android,

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to apps
  • Select My Account app – TracFone
  • Select ‘Force Stop’

On an iPhone you might not be able to force stop an app, you can only restart the iPhone to stop the app from loading. 

6. Update ‘TracFone – My Account App’

If you are using the old version of My Account App, you might experience the issue ‘Something Went Wrong’ on the app because of not updating it. As of the time of writing this article, the last update released by My Account TracFone App was on June 6, 2023. If you haven’t updated, try updating the app to solve the issue. 

To update  My Account App,

  • Go to Play store/ App store
  • Search for ‘My Account app – ’
  • If Update is available, update it.

7. Try Uninstalling And Re Downloading TracFone My Account App

Uninstalling and installing the app again solves the issue that is caused due to any error happened while you download the app. Installing it again will help to solve the issues.

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To uninstall the app, hold the app icon for a few seconds and then select ‘uninstall’. After that  go to the app store or play store to install the TracFone My Account App

TracFone My Account app again. This can solve the issue of  ‘Something went wrong’ on the app.

8. Update Your Device OS To Solve Issues On My Account App

Not updating your device can also cause issues on apps like ‘TracFone My Account App’ on the device. Not updating a device can cause technical issues and decrease the level of performance of your device as well as the apps in the device.

If you are not keeping the devices updated, you are missing out on new features and upgrades the software updates offer and you are preventing your device from fixing bugs on the oldest version of OS.

Try Updating Your Device in which you use ‘TracFone My Account App’ to stop ‘Something Went Wrong’ error from happening.

9. Try Contacting TracFone Customer Service

You tried all the above methods but still unable to get the issue resolved, try there is no other way than contacting TracFone Customer Service for assistance to resolve the issue. 

To contact the TracFone help center, you need to dial 1-800-867-7183 and the issue you are experiencing.