BuzzFeed AI States: Generate American States as People

Artificial intelligence (AI) has swept up the world by storm in recent times due to its enormous potential and wide range of applicability.

Different AI tools have emerged in the market and enamored the public with their uses and abilities, be it using natural language to hold conversations, providing assistance, or even creating art.

BuzzFeed, the hub of all things popular and trendy, hopped onto the trend in a unique yet creative way.

If you are also wondering what they did with AI, read on to find out!

BuzzFeed recently used AI to generate images of people from all the different American states. (image source: BuzzFeed Inc.)

BuzzFeed Uses AI to Generate American States as People

Recently, BuzzFeed has been making the rounds on the internet for its entertaining use of the generative AI platform MidJourney to create images of people from various American states.

MidJourney is a generative AI program that allows users to generate artwork and images by entering prompts in natural language.

It will then generate a variety of images in accordance with those prompts.

BuzzFeed used MidJourney in a creative way in one of its most recent articles. (image source: MidJourney)

BuzzFeed readers have been incredibly amused by some of the images that were generated by MidJourney as a response to a prompt that asked what typical people from each of the 50 states would look like.

BuzzFeed writer Sarah Thompson used the generative AI tool MidJourney to generate images that showed the typical person from all 50 different American states. According to MidJourney, this is what “typical” New Yorkers looks like. (image source: Sarah Thompson on BuzzFeed)

Many readers find the accuracies incredibly interesting, while others have humorously pointed out some inaccuracies here and there.

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For example, the image for Texas shows a man wearing a stereotypical cowboy hat, while the person from North Dakota wore overalls.

The “typical” Texan person, according to MidJourney AI. (image source: Sarah Thompson on BuzzFeed)

MidJourney generated these images by using its AI models that analyze the natural language prompt and give an output based on the data it has.

As such, it is important to acknowledge the biases and stereotypes that it might be prone to due to the nature of its model and the information that it is fed.

BuzzFeed’s Uses of AI 

All in all, it was an interesting venture by BuzzFeed to test the potential and limitations of AI in this day and age by using MidJourney to generate images of typical people from different American states.

In fact, BuzzFeed has been experimenting with AI for some time now, most recently launching an AI recipe generator called Botatouille.

This AI will generate a recipe for you to cook up depending on the types of ingredients you put in.

BuzzFeed’s innovative new venture allows you to use AI to generate recipes that you can cook yourself! (image source: BuzzFeed Inc.)

Besides that, BuzzFeed also reportedly uses AI to enhance its famed quizzes for the regular user, so that they can have an even more fun experience while taking them.

However, there is no indication that this is anywhere near the end of BuzzFeed’s relationship with AI, as it seems that they are gearing up to keep up with the times.

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Keep checking in to see what else AI has in store for us!

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