9 Bad Things About Mint Mobile

Are you interested in taking a Mint Mobile subscription?

But wait before you Jump! Before you join the Mint Mobile network, you need to know about the bad things that Mint Mobile network has and then make an informed decision.

Mint Mobile is one of the leading mobile network operators based in California. However, there are good and bad to everything and that also applies to Mint Mobile.

In this article, we will be looking at the things and discussing them in detail that make it a bad decision to take Mint NMobile as your Mobile network in the long run.

9 Bad Things About Mint Mobile

1. Limited Coverage Area

While Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network, it doesn’t mean that the coverage is the same. There are areas where Mint Mobile doesn’t offer service or the connection may be weak.

  • People living in rural regions may experience limited or no service.
  • Limited options for those who travel abroad frequently.

2. Data Speeds Can Be Inconsistent

Mint Mobile provides a range of data packages but the consistency of those data speeds might not always meet expectations.

  • Once you reach your data limit, the speed drops significantly.
  • In congested areas, Mint Mobile users might face slower speeds.

3. Cost Upfront is High

The cost that you have to pay for the first time you are taking a Mint mobile plan that is very high compared to other phone networks.

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You will be paying almost $45 to $90  for the first three months of taking a Mint Mobile subscription.

In case you want to keep the cost low you will have to take the 12-month plan upfront. It can be costly to buy it all at once.

Mint Mobile sells their plans in bulk due to which the cost goes up at the beginning when you have just subscribed to the Mint Mobile network.

4. No true Unlimited Data pack

There is no data plan in Mint Mobile that gives you unlimited data. However as most people do not use more than 50 GB per month, Mint Mobile offers around 35 GB of high-speed data before slowing to 512Kbps.

If you are among those who don’t use their data much on their phone then you need not worry as you won’t be able to tell the difference.

However, in case you use your data on your phone a lot then Mint Mobile might not be the right choice for you.

5. No Smaller plan

As Mint Mobile sells everything in bulk, there is no small plan that you can take for sy[[pose a month or a few days.

The best plan for Mint Mobile where you can save the cost is the 12-month plan. Mint Mobile plans start from 3 months and then you can purchase the plans for 6 months and a year.

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On the downside, you will have to pay a bit when taking the subscription and if you want to just get a subscription for a month or a few days due to some reason, you can not get it.

But on the bright side, you don’t have to think about your phone bills for an entire year.

6. No Physical Presence

Mint Mobile has no physical presence. They are entirely online as you can say. If you have to contact Mint Mobile support you will have to do that through either phone or email.

This can be a hassle for first-time customers and other customers who have faced some issues and want to talk to a Mint Mobile agent.

If Mint Mobiler had a physical store then you could easily walk into it and ask the people there about various doubts that might have had regarding the Mint Mobile service and other things related to Mint Mobile.

Unfortunately not having a physical presence means you aren’t able to do so at all.

7. Device Exchange is Not There

Mint Mobile does not finance your device through device exchange. In other networks like Verizon, you are able to exchange your device and then use the credit given to you to purchase a new device from Verizon.

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This way you will not have to pay for the entire price of your new device that you are buying.

However Mint Mobile does not offer any exchange service like that. If you want to buy a new device from Mint Moibile you quill have to pay for it entirely.

8. Expensive for International Calls

Mint Mobile plans for international calls are expensive. Mint Mobile service for international calls is not great either. Many users have faced various problems while using Mint Mobile for international calls.

Due to this if you are planning to use International calls in Mint Mobile, it is better if you have another option ready in hand.

9. Customer Service Concerns

Like many low-cost carriers, Mint Mobile’s customer service may not be up to par with more established providers.

Customers have reported waiting longer than expected to get assistance.

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