A Comprehensive Look into the Mint Mobile Recovery Fee

You may have seen the Mint Mobile bill with the breakdown of fees that are included in the service. But if you are also surprised with the Recovery fee added to your bill then you are not alone.

The recovery fee may seem a lot to many Mint Mobile users but it is charged with every subscription plan you purchase.

To understand what is recovery fees by Mint Mobile and why they charge recovery fees then read this article.

This article will also discuss if there is a way to avoid paying the Mint Mobile recovery fees.

What Is Mint Mobile Recovery Fee?

The Mint Mobile recovery fee is the charge to recover the payment made by Mint Mobile to comply with various state and federal programs including taxes and fees.

It is calculated as a flat, per-plan fee with an added 2.5% of the subscription plan cost to help recover administrative fees.

Why Is Mint Mobile Charging Recovery Fee?

Mint Mobile charges a recovery fee to cover the administrative costs of all state and federal taxes and programs to keep the Mint Mobile service running without any interruptions.

According to Mint Mobile’s Terms and conditions, the state and federal programs include taxes and fees but are not limited to:

  • State and Federal Telecommunications Relay Service Programs.
  • Federal Universal Service Fund Program
  • International, federal, state, municipal, local and/or other governmental franchise, excise, public utility and other telecommunications taxes, fees and charges which are now enforced or may be enacted in the future.
  • Other costs are to comply with government regulations and programs, which are not taxes or fees that local, state or federal governments but require Mint Mobile to collect.
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How To Avoid Mint Mobile Recovery Fee?

You cannot avoid the Mint Mobile recovery fee. A recovery fee is an important cost that is recovered by Mint Mobile to cover the administrative costs of state and federal regulations, taxes and fees.

With every subscription plan purchase, you will be required to pay the recovery fee that is added based on the flat per-plan rate.

However, if you think that the recovery fee mentioned in your bill is higher then you can contact Mint Mobile customer care to negotiate the bill.

To pay the recovery fee you don’t have to do anything extra as it is added to your bill so you can make the payment as usually you make to pay bills.

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