How To Fix VOXI Website Not Working

Are you facing the VOXI website not working? Do you want to access the website? What causes the issue? What are the methods to fix?

You don’t have to worry about the problems. We got you a few methods to fix the issue.

The VOXI is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Providers (MVNP). Vodafone owns and manages the Voxi network. You can purchase mobile plans at the best deal.

It provides affordable mobile services to its customers. It also offers mobile plans on a no-contract basis. You can transfer your mobile network from VOXI and vice versa.

What Causes The VOXI Website Not Working Problems?

Internet connectivity issues and using a VPN can be a cause. The outdated browser or OS and app cache can cause VOXIwebsite issues.

Below are the elaborations of the causes of the website not working problems in the VOXI.

1. Internet Connectivity Problems

Internet connectivity issues can cause the website problem. The browser requires a stable Internet connection to access other websites.

Being in a poor network or no-network coverage area can be a reason. Not having sufficient mobile data balance can be another cause for the problem.

2. Browser Cache Issues

Browser cache can hamper its performance. It may increase the loading time. Browser-cached files cause technical bugs.

It can be a cause for the website not to work. The cached files are unnecessary files stored on the browser or mobile phone’s storage.

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3. Outdated OS

An outdated Operating System (OS) can cause problems on your mobile device and browsers. It can cause the website problems.

It causes technical difficulties and internet or network problems. User can experience delayed response by using an outdated OS on their mobile device.

4. Outdated Browser

Using an outdated browser for accessing the VOXI website can cause problems. It causes technical bugs and loading errors.

Outdated browsers have similar problems as an outdated OS on your mobile device. It lacks new features on the browser.

5. Using VPN

Using a VPN changes your IP address. It can cause the website not to work or load issues.

The VOXI website is only accessible in a few countries. Using a VPN can restrict you from accessing the website.

These are the five causes of the website problems. Try understanding the reasons to identify.

How To Fix The VOXI Website Not Working Issues?

Resolve the network and Internet connectivity problems. Turn off the VPN and update the OS. Clear your browser cache and update it to fix the VOXI website not working problem.

The details of the methods to resolve the VOXI website problems are below.

1. Turn On The Mobile Data Or Connect With A Wi-Fi Network

You can connect with a Wi-Fi Internet. You can also turn on your mobile data. It fixes the website problems.

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Users need a stable Internet connection to access the VOXI website. Try connecting with a stable Internet to avoid technical problems.

2. Restart Your Mobile Device

Try restarting your mobile device. You can also power off and on your mobile device.

It can fix the technical bugs temporarily on your mobile device. It also refreshes your network connection.

3. Switch Your Internet Connectivity Mode

You can switch your mode of Internet connection. Use a Wi-Fi Internet connection if you use your mobile data.

Turn on your mobile data if your device uses a Wi-Fi Internet connection. It can resolve the problem if the issue is regarding the Internet connection.

Using an insecure internet connection can cause errors or does not allow access to the website.

4. Turn Off The VPN

Turn off the VPN to resolve the VOXI website not working issue. You can access the VPN settings on your mobile device’s Settings app.

Steps To Turn Off The VPN On Your Mobile Device’s Settings:

  • Open your mobile Settings on the device.
  • Go to the Network And Internet options.
  • Select the VPN Settings on the network settings.
  • Select the left-side menu.
  • Choose the VPN you want to disconnect.
  • Select the Disconnect option.

The steps slightly change from the device. You can spot the VPN settings and toggle it off.

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5. Use A Different Device

You can use a different device to access the VOXI website. It allows you to access the website.

Try using it from your computer or mobile phone. You can borrow your friend’s or a family member’s phone for a few minutes to access the VOXI website.

6. Contact VOXI Customer Service

You can contact VOXI customer service if you can’t access the network. Make sure you follow a few methods to resolve the problems before reaching them.

You can email your queries to

You can also use other devices to post your queries. Visit the VOXI Contact Us page. They will reach out to you by replying to your post.