How To Fix VOXI Roaming Not Working

Are you facing the VOXI roaming not working issue? Are you travelling across the country? Aren’t you able to access the roaming services? What causes the problems? How can you fix the issue?

You don’t have to worry about the roaming issue. We got you the causes and methods to resolve the problems.

The VOXI network is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Providers (MVNP). The Vodafone network owns the VOXI. It uses the Vodafone as its carrier network.

The VOXI has the best deals for its customers. It provides affordable mobile services on the network. It offers mobile services on a no-contract basis.

What Causes The Roaming Not Working Problems On The VOXI Network?

Turning Off the roaming services and not having a VOXI roaming plan can be the causes of the problems.

Below are the elaborated reasons for the VOXI roaming not working issue.

1. Turned Off The Roaming Service

All mobile devices have options to toggle on or off the roaming services. Turning off the roaming service can be a cause.

It does not allow your device and VOXI SIM card to connect with an international mobile service.

2. Not Having A Roaming Plan

Roaming plans are different from regular mobile plans. Users require a roaming plan to make or receive international calls and messages.

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Not having a VOXI roaming plan can cause problems. All mobile network offers roaming plans.

These two are the major causes of the VOXI network’s roaming problems. You can understand the reasons by reading the two.

How To Fix The VOXI Roaming Not Working Problem?

To fix the VOXI roaming not working problem, you can purchase a roaming plan from the VOXI network. Try Enabling the roaming services on your mobile device to resolve the VOXI roaming not working.

The discussion of the methods to resolve the VOXI roaming issues is below.

1. Purchase A VOXI Roaming Plan

You should have a roaming plan to access the International roaming services on the VOXI network.

Travelling across the European nation requires users to purchase a roaming plan for accessing International mobile services.

There are two roaming plans offered by the VOXI network. You can choose anyone based on your needs.

You can log in to your VOXI account and purchase a roaming plan. The process of buying a roaming plan is similar to all other plans.

Your plan is activated once you purchase them. You can get an extra allowance when you are abroad.

2. Enable Roaming Settings On Your Mobile Device

Try turning on the roaming services to resolve the VOXI problems. You can access the setting options on your mobile device’s Settings app.

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Steps To Turn On The Roaming Services On Your Android Mobile Settings:

  • Go to Settings on your Android mobile device.
  • Go to the Network And Internet option.
  • Select the SIM Card And Mobile Network settings.
  • Choose your VOXI SIM Card.
  • Scroll down and spot the roaming option.
  • Turn on the roaming. You should select ‘OK’ for the caution message.

Steps To Turn On The Roaming Service On Your iPhone Mobile Settings:

  • Open the Settings on your iPhone mobile device.
  • Select the Mobile data option.
  • Go to the Cellular or Cellular Data option.
  • Find and Enable the Voice and Data roaming option.

You should purchase a roaming plan before enabling the roaming settings. It will prevent the detection of your voice minutes and mobile plan service.