How To Fix VOXI PAC Code Not Activating Or Working

How to fix the VOXI PAC code not activating or working problem? What are the causes? How do we resolve the PAC code issues?

You don’t have to worry about the issue. We got you the methods to fix the PAC code problems.

The VOXI is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Providers (MVNP). Vodafone owns and manages the VOXI network. It offers affordable mobile services to its customers.

You can transfer your mobile network from VOXI and vice versa. You can purchase mobile plans at the best deal. It provides mobile services on a no-contract basis.

What Is A PAC Code?

The complete form of the PAC is the Porting Authorization Code. The PAC code is necessary for transferring the carrier network.

PAC code is a nine-digit number to switch between network providers. It is necessary.

You can get the PAC code by contacting the VOXI network. You should enter or give your code to the carrier network.

What Causes The VOXI PAC Code Not Activating Or Working Problems?

An expired or incorrect PAC code can cause problems when transferring your carrier network.

Below are the detailed causes for the VOXI PAC code problems.

1. Incorrect PAC Code

Entering an incorrect PAC code can cause problems. Submitting a Suffled number or wrong number order can be the reason.

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2. Expired PAC Code

Using an expired PAC code when transferring the carrier network from the VOXI. It can be a reason for the problem.

A PAC code is valid for thirty days from the day of receiving it. Using the PAC code after thirty days can result in an ‘invalid PAC code’ error.

How To Fix The VOXI PAC Code Not Working Or Activating Issues?

You can double-verify the PAC code before entering. Request for another PAC code to the VOXI network to fix the VOXI PAC Code not working issue.

Below are the steps to resolve the PAC code not working problems.

1. Double-Verify Your PAC Code

Double-verify your PAC code before submitting it. You can check the PAC code on the messages.

Enter the nine-digit number in the correct order. Submit it after making sure it is correct.

2. Request For A PAC Code Again

contact VOXI customer support to fix VOXI PAC Code Not Activating Or Working

You should use the PAC code within thirty days. You can request another PAC if the limit exceeds.

Contact the VOXI network’s Customer Service and request them for a PAC code. There is no limit to requesting the PAC code.

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