Lycamobile International Calls Plans & Rate

Lycamobile, a leading telecom service provider known for its cost-effective calling plans, has designed a range of international calling options to suit various needs.

These plans are tailored for those who make frequent calls to other countries from the USA, providing a seamless and budget-friendly way to connect internationally.

Whether you have loved ones abroad, conduct international business, or simply want to chat with someone in a different country, Lycamobile’s International Call Plans & Rates offer an affordable and convenient solution.

In this blog post, Let’s see the detailed Plans offered by Lycamobiles.

What are The Lycamobile’s International Plans

Lycamobile offers a diverse range of plans to cater to the different needs of its customers, including long-term plans, best-value plans, and family plans.

These plans offer prices based on Data: 0 to 30GB, 30 to 100 GB and Unlimited. Currently, Lycamobile doesn’t offer unlimited data.

Here’s a brief overview of each type:

  • Long-Term Plans: Long-term plans are designed for customers who prefer to avoid the hassle of monthly renewals and are looking for a more extended service period with a one-time payment.
  • Best Value Plans: Best value plans are tailored for customers seeking the most cost-efficient solution for their mobile service needs.
  • Family Plans: Family plans are ideal for households with multiple mobile users and provide only 31 to 100 GB of data for both domestic and international users.
  • Regulatory Recovery Fee: During checkout, you will be charged an additional 5% of the regulatory fee.
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Basic Value: 0 to 30 GB

The basic value plan includes unlimited national calls and SMS, as well as unlimited international talk and text to 100 countries, with varying data limits and prices for 30 days validity.

Comparision Between Lycamobile 0 to 30 GB Plans:

Plan NamePriceDataIntro PriceCalling credit
$15 Plan$15.00500MBN/A
$19 Unlimited International Plan$19.003GB$5.00$1.50
$23 Unlimited International Plan$23.005GB$1.50
$29 Unlimited International Plan$29.0010GB$5.00
$39 Unlimited International Plan$39.0015GB$10.00
$33 High Data Plan$33.0012GB$10.00N/A

Basic Value: 31 to 100 GB

Comparision Between Lycamobile Basic Value’s Plans:

Plan NamePriceData LimitSpeedCalling Credit
$49 High Data Plan$49.0040 GBUp to 5G$5.00
$59 International Plan$59.0060 GBUp to 5G$5.00
  • $19 Unlimited International Plan has an introductory offer of $5.00 for the first 30 days. After this period, the price is $19.00 every 30 days.
  • The speed “Up to 5G” indicates that the network can provide 5G speeds, but the actual speed will depend on the coverage and the device used. The $15 plan has standard speed.
  • They also provide International calling credits of up to $10 depending on the plan you pick.
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Both plans offer large data allowances with up to 5G speeds, along with unlimited national and international talk and text to 100 countries. The main difference lies in the data limit and the price of each plan.

Long Term: 0-30 GB

The Long-term plan includes unlimited national calls and SMS, as well as unlimited international talk and text to 100 countries, with varying data limits and Validity of 3, 6 & 12 months.

Comparison Between Lycamobile Long Term 0-30GB Plans:

Plan NameRegular Price3 Months Prepay6 Months Prepay12 Months PrepayData LimitCalling Credit
$15 Plan$45.00$39.00
Save $6.00
Save $24.00
Save $60.00
500 MB
$23 Unlimited International$69.00$54.00
Save $15.00
Save $36.00
Save $84.00
5 GB$1.50
$33 High Data Plan$99.00$90.00
Save $9.00
Save $30.00
Save $96.00
12 GB
$39 Unlimited International$117.00$105.00
Save $12.00
Save $30.00
Save $96.00
15 GB$10

Long Term: 31-100 GB

Comparison Between Lycamobile Long Term 30-100GB Plans:

Plan NameData LimitRegular Price (Monthly)3 Months Prepay6 Months Prepay12 Months PrepayInternational Credit
$49 High Data Plan40 GB$147.00$120.00
Save $27.00
Save $66.00
Save $168.00
$59 International Plan60 GB$177.00$135.00
Save $42.00
Save $90.00
Save $192.00

You will have significant savings when opting for a long-term plan that provides 3, 6, or 12-month prepayments on select plans, making Lycamobile an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers seeking long-term mobile solutions.

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The longer you prepay, the more savings you are offered compared to the regular monthly price.

When comparing the two plans, 31 GB to 100 GB best option is to go with it, as it provides 40 GB data for $49 (i.e.) $1.2 per GB. Whereas, 0 to 30 GB provides 15GB for $39 i.e. $2.6 per GB.

Family Plan: 31-100 GB

Currently, the Family plan offers only 31-100 GB of data plan including unlimited national calls and SMS, as well as unlimited international talk and text to 100 countries, with varying data limits and Validity for 30 days.

Here’s the breakdown for the Lycamobile Family plan:

  • Base Plan Price: $49.00 per 30 days for the primary line
  • Additional Line Price: $25.00 per 30 days for each additional line
  • Data Allowance: 40GB of data at up to 5G speeds
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited talk and text
  • Data: Unlimited (after 40GB, speeds may be reduced)
  • International: Unlimited international talk and text to 100 countries

Comparatively Family plan doesn’t have flexible options, however, it stands out as a cost-effective choice for households, offering substantial data allowances and reduced rates for additional lines, ensuring that family members stay connected without incurring exorbitant costs.

comparison of the base value, long-term, and family plans of Lycamobile Plans

comparison of the base value, long-term, and family plans in tabular form to highlight their exact differences:

Feature/Plan TypeBase Value PlanLong-Term Prepayment PlanFamily Plan
DefinitionStandard monthly plan with a set amount of features for a single billing cycle.Plan with a commitment of several months, often at a discounted rate compared to the base value plan.Plan designed for multiple users, with discounts for adding additional lines to the primary account holder’s plan.
CommitmentMonthly3, 6, or 12 monthsMonthly, but with multiple lines under one plan.
Pricing StructureRegular monthly rate with no discounts for extended commitment.Upfront payment for the entire period with a discounted monthly rate.Primary line at a regular rate, additional lines at a reduced rate.
CostFixed cost per monthHigher upfront cost but lower effective monthly rate.Cost varies based on the number of lines added; the primary line pays full price, and additional lines pay a discounted rate.
FeaturesSet data allowance, and unlimited talk and text.Same features as the base value plan, but extended over a longer period.Each line may have its own data allowance or share a pool of data, with unlimited talk and text.
FlexibilityHigh flexibility with the option to change or cancel at the end of each billing cycle.Less flexibility due to the long-term commitment.Flexibility in managing multiple lines under a single plan.
SavingsNo savings for extended commitment.Savings increase with the length of the commitment.Savings on the cost per line compared to individual plans.

Lastly, it’s important to note that Lycamobile’s fees include a 5% Regulatory Recovery Fee, which is added to the base cost to cover the company’s regulatory compliance expenses.