Consumer Cellular Transfer PIN and Account Number

Are you confused about how you can port out of the Consumer Cellular service that you have taken for your phone?

Maybe you have been interested in trying out a different carrier service for a few months now but are not sure about how you can go about doing it.

To port out of your Consumer  Cellular Network you will need the Transfer PIN and the Account Number for your Consumer Cellular Account that you will have to give to the new carrier where you want to port your number.

In this article, we will be guiding you on everything you need to know about what these PIN and Account Numbers are to how you can get them easily from Consumer Cellular Carrier.

What is Consumer Cellular Transfer PIN?

When you are trying to port your number to another carrier you will need the Transfer PIN of the Consumer Cellular account to do that.

The Transfer PIN is a four-digit number that prevents anyone from accessing your account who is not you.

It adds a layer of security to protect your Consumer Cellular account by making it more protected from fraud.

You can only port out of the Consumer Cellular network if you have the Transfer PIN of your account.

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There have been many scammers who have tried to scam the users due to which Transfer PIN was introduced in the Consumer Cellular Account.

What is Consumer Cellular Account Number?

A Consumer Cellular Account Number is a specific 9-digit number that is unique to your account.

After you have started using the service of Consumer Cellular you will be assigned the Account Number by them.

When you are trying to port out of Consumer Cellular Network you will need to have the Account Number along with the PIN Number to do so.

How to Get Consumer Cellular Transfer PIN?

You can get the Transfer PIN by calling customer support at 1-888-750-5519 and then request them for the Transfer PIN.

They might ask you a few questions to verify your identity and then you will be told the Transfer PIN.

Make sure that you pity out within 24 hours of getting the Transfer PIN as the PIN will remain valid for only 24 hours.

After that, the PIN will not work anymore and you will have to get contact Customer Support again. 

How to Get Consumer Cellular Account Number?

There are various ways through which you can get the Consumer Cellular Account number for your account such as through the bill, by visiting the website and by contacting Customer Support.

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1. Through Monthly Bill: The first thing that you can do is check the monthly bill of your Consumer Cellular subscriptions. Your account number will be mentioned in the bill.

2. Through Consumer Cellular Website: If you don’t have your monthly bill then you can visit the login page of Consumer Cellular and open your account from there.

You need to log in by entering your phone number and password and then find the account number on your profile page.

3. Through Customer Support: For the last option, you can call the customer support of Consumer Cellular at 1-888-750-5519 and ask them for the Account number.

After they verify your identity you will be provided the account number by them.

Some carriers might ask for your address when you are trying to port your number to their network.

You can find all that details from your account on the online platform of the Consumer Cellular website.

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