W Okada Voice Changer Tutorial: Models, AMD, Voices, Discord

W okada is a client software that uses various AI models for real-time voice conversions. Simply said it means now you can change your voice to any age and gender.

There is four supported AI for voice conversions which are MMVC, so-vits-svc, RVC and DDSP-SVC.

It also supports cross-platform compatibility like Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Colaboratory.

Currently if didn’t find any discord server for W Okada Voice Changer.

If you are new to W Okada voice changer and want to know how to use the software for voice conversions then read on.

This article will discuss the W Okada voice changer tutorial.

What Is W Okada Voice Changer?

W Okada is a real-time voice conversion client software that lets you change your voice to a completely new person.

The software is designed with a simple graphics user interface so that it can be easily used by anyone for gaming or entertainment.

You can use the software either in pre-built binary or set an environment with Docker or Anaconda.

Some of the highlights of W Okada AI voice changer are as follows:

1. Voice Conversions

The voice conversions happen in real-time using various AI models such as MMVC, so-vits-svc, RVC and DDSP-SVC.

It allows you to change your voice to a completely new person regardless of age or gender.

It also supports your linguistic content and does not modify it.

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It also offers a variety of control settings for voice changing so you can fine-tune it as per your requirement.

By using voice models from MMVC, you can create a unique personalized voice similar to your’s or another person’s voice.

2. Compatibility

W Okada offers cross-platform compatibility which means it gives you the option to run it on various devices and operating systems.

So, you can use it in Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Colaboratory.

3. GPU

To accelerate voice conversion it offers GPU support for devices with Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

4. Internet Connection

The software is run on an internet connection and not on your local device which allows you to access different model settings that are available on the server.

W Okada Voice Changer Tutorial

To use W Okada voice changer you can download and run pre-built binary or set up the environment on Docker or Anaconda.

After downloading it, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the link and scroll down to see the following table.
  • From the table select the relevant version after which a new page will open. Click on “Download anyway”.
  • After the download is complete, extract the files from the zip folder.
  • From the extracted files look for “start_http.bat” and run it.
  • After it opens a new window click “Start”.
  • Next, click on “Select vc” and then “RVC”. If you wish you can customize the settings and save it. Then click on “start”.
  • (A) You can click on “edit” in the model section area or select the model. Once it is selected it will load the image of the character.
  • (B) You can then select your microphone for input and speaker for output. But if you are unfamiliar then just select “client” for the Audio section.
  • (C) Next, press the start button to start voice changing and allow some time for data loading.
  • Speak in the microphone and then you will be able to hear the changed voice from the speaker.

W Okada Voice Changer Models

W Okada voice changer offers a variety of characters that you can select from the model selection area.

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You can also select the edit option to configure different settings that are described below that you can follow to get used to the function of various buttons.

  • You can select the model from the option provided or click on “edit” to customize the option.
  • When you click on “edit” a new page will open.
  • Click on the image of the character to change it or download a file by clicking on the file name.
  • You can upload the model. A new screen will appear, then select the voice changer type to upload. By pressing the back button you can go back to the model slot edit area.
  • You can also download the sample by clicking on the sample button.
  • With the edit button, you can edit the details of the model slot.

W Okada Voice Changer AMD

If you use AMD graphics for voice changer then ensure that you use the DirectML version. Furthermore, AMD GPUs are enabled for only ONNX models.

Read More about the AMD GPU’s performance.

W Okada Voice Changer Voices

To get the audio from the voice changer you can first select the character. The image will be displayed on the screen. A voice control setting will appear on the right side of the character image.

Use the slider to customize the settings.

Go through the description of each button under voice control to understand and customize the settings.

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