How To Transfer Tickets From Ticketmaster To StubHub: Complete Guide

Are you interested in selling your Ticketmaster tickets through StubHub you might be wondering how exactly you can go about doing that?

You might not have any experience in selling tickets in StubHub, but there is no need to worry s we are here to guide you through every step that you will have to take to sell your Ticketmaster tickets in StubHub safely.

Before you proceed further make sure that you have your Ticketmaster tickets at hand and you can transfer them to the buyer as soon as they are sold.

Now, then let’s discuss hope you can transfer the ticket and all other doubts that you might have.

What is StubHub?


StubHub is a platform where you can buy and sell your tickets online.

This ticket marketplace allows you to buy tickets from other people who have listed their tickets and also list your own tickets for sale on the platform.

After you have bought them you can print them out from the website or you can get them through an email.

Due to it being a peer-to-peer service, you can get tickets for events and concerts even when the box office tells you that it has sold out.

You can also get the tickets immediately as it is an online transaction. In case you want physical tickets you can also easily get them by printing them out from the website.

How To Transfer Tickets From Ticketmaster To StubHub?

To transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub, ensure the tickets are fully paid for and transferable.

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Next, log into your StubHub account, click ‘Sell,’ choose your event and date, select the number of tickets to sell, set your price, and enter payment details to create a listing. Once sold, you’ll need to confirm the transfer.

Transferring tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub is easy and hassle-free.

However, before you try to create a listing for your ticket in SytubHub you will need to have the ticket with you that you have bought through Ticketmaster.

Make sure that the ticket is fully paid for and that it is ready to get transferred to someone. If the ticket is non-transferable or you are the only one who can use it then you can not transfer the ticket through StubHub.

If you list such a ticket then you quill be heavily penalized by StubHub. So, make sure of the restrictions in your Ticketmaster Ticket before you try to sell it through StubHub.

Steps To Transfer Tickets From Ticketmaster To StubHub:

  • Open StubHub website.
  • Sign in to your StubHub Account.
  • Click on Sell.
  • Choose Your Event and Date.
  • Click on See Tickets.
  • Choose the number of Tickets you want to Sell.
  • Fill out all the boxes and options.
  • Set the Price for Each Ticket.
  • Add your Credit Card and enter Payment details.
  • Click on Create Listing.

When your Ticket has been bought by someone you will get a notification through email. You will have to send them the ticket after that by Confirming the transfer.

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And that’s it! You have successfully transferred a Ticketmaster through StubHub.

What is StubHub Ticket Transfer Email?

In StubHub, after you have bought the tickets, it will get transferred to you through Email. You can then download the tickets from there and print them out or keep them in digital form.

The seller will have to transfer them and then the tickets will get transferred to you in your email. So, make sure to keep a close eye on your email.

How Much Time Does it Take To Transfer Ticket To StubHub?

StubHub will automatically confirm your order within 30 minutes of purchase. The seller will be notified and then the seller will transfer the tickets to you after that.

It can take a few hours to a few days for the seller to confirm the transfer of the tickets to you through email.

StubHub Customer Care

Be patient and wait, however, if the tickets do not get transferred to you even after a few days then please reach out to StubHub Customer Support.

Is StubHub Mobile Transfer Safe?

Yes, StubHub Mobile transfer is completely safe for you to buy tickets and sell them.

As you will have to list a credit card and only then you will be able to sell tickets.

StubHub will give you a few days window when you can transfer the tickets to the buyer after your tickets have been bought.

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However, if you can not produce the tickets to StubHub then they will deduct the money from your credit card and refund the buyer. You will also be fined heavily for not being able to produce the tickets.

That is why it is a completely safe platform through which you can buy and sell tickets easily.

Also if you are the seller, StubHub only asks you to send the tickets after the transaction has been completed and money has been received from the buyer.

How Does StubHub Know You Transferred Tickets?

When you confirm the transfer of tickets StubHub will receive the notification through email. And that is how they know that you have transferred the tickets to the buyer.

After the tickets are bought StubHub will send you an email from where you will have to confirm yto send the tickets and then you need to send the tickets within a few days.

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