How Much Does SeatGeek Charge to Sell & Resell Tickets

Are you also wondering how much you will have to pay SeatGeek to sell or resell your tickets on the platform?

SeatGeek is a popular website that allows people to buy and sell tickets to live events such as concerts, theater performances, and sports matches.

With the resurgence of live entertainment events in this post-pandemic era, people are now exploring the options to sell their tickets online on SeatGeek.

Naturally, many may wonder how much SeatGeek actually charges to sell tickets on their platform.

If you are one of these people, you can now stop searching as we are here to explain the answer to your questions in detail.

SeatGeek charges a 10% seller fee when you make a sale on a ticket on their platform. (image source: SeatGeek)

How Much Does SeatGeek Charge to Sell Tickets

SeatGeek charges a 10 percent seller fee when you sell tickets on their platform.

SeatGeek states that this 10% seller fee charge is to maintain the website for everyone so that everyone can use SeatGeek’s services.

However, creating a listing for your ticket is completely free, and you will not need to pay anything to SeatGeek just to put your tickets up for sale.

The 10 percent seller fee is charged to you once you sell the ticket to a Buyer.

It is important to keep in mind that this 10 percent seller fee comes out of the original asking price that you put up the ticket for.

This seller fee is charged when you sell the ticket and will be automatically deducted from the amount that you will be paid later on for the ticket that you sold.

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This means that for example, if you put up a listing to sell a ticket for $100, SeatGeek’s seller fee will amount to $10.

When a Buyer purchases your ticket, they will pay the $100 in addition to any other fees that SeatGeek may charge the Buyer.

You will then be paid at the end after the event is over as per SeatGeek’s policies.

The money you receive will be whatever amount is left after the deduction of the service fee by SeatGeek.

Going back to the example, this means that you will be paid $90 of the original asking price that you set for the ticket, as SeatGeek deducted the $10 service fee before transferring the money to you.

Unlike other platforms, SeatGeek is transparent about exactly how much they charge the seller for selling tickets on their platform.

As such, they are much more reliable than other platforms since sellers are aware of exactly how much they have to pay to SeatGeek as fees and when.

If you do not make the sale for a ticket that you listed on SeatGeek, you will not have to pay any fees at all since the listing is free of charge.

As such, you only pay SeatGeek the 10 percent seller fee if your ticket gets sold.

How Much Does SeatGeek Charge to Resell Tickets

If you are selling tickets that you bought on SeatGeek itself, then the same scenario mentioned earlier will apply to you.

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This means that SeatGeek will charge you a 10 percent seller fee when you make a sale of a ticket you put up a listing for on their platform.

The listing itself, however, will be free of cost.

This means that you do not need to pay SeatGeek until you have made your sale.

If you do not sell your ticket, you do not have to pay SeatGeek anything for having put up a listing for the same ticket.

If you did make a sale, however, the 10 percent seller fee will be deducted from the amount you put up as the selling price for your ticket.

So at the end of the day, when you receive the money from SeatGeek for your sale, they will have already deducted the seller fee amount and given you the remaining.

Please refer to the example given above to understand the breakdown of the seller fees and how much of a payout you are actually getting.

When you create a listing for a ticket on SeatGeek, you will be informed about the actual payout amount that you will get when you are setting the price for the ticket.

You can also then calculate how much SeatGeek is taking as fees from the Buyer’s payment for the ticket.

However, it is important to keep in mind that as a reseller, you are not only selling a ticket on SeatGeek, but you also bought the ticket on SeatGeek itself.

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You will have to ensure that you are putting in the correct form of delivery, and also that you have a proper plan for the delivery itself.

If the ticket is not delivered to the Buyer on time, you as the Seller may be subject to repercussions from SeatGeek, such as having your account removed from the platform.

Besides that, as a Buyer yourself, you will have to pay SeatGeek any fees related to buying the tickets in the first place, which may include service fees and even delivery charges.

This means that as a reseller, you are paying more fees to SeatGeek than just the seller fees.

This is due to the fact that since you originally bought the tickets on SeatGeek itself, you have to pay any fees associated with being a Buyer for purchasing the original ticket.

However, as a Seller, you are only required to pay the 10 percent seller fee as and when you make the sale on the ticket.

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