Ticketmaster Face Value Ticket Exchange: Everything You Need To Know

On Ticketmaster, “face value” refers to the original price set for the ticket by the event organizers, excluding any additional fees or charges.

This price is often determined by factors such as the event’s demand, the artist or team’s pricing strategy, and the seating category within the venue.

It serves as a platform to allow fans to sell their tickets to other fans at the original cost (face value) plus any applicable fees.

In this blog post let’s see what is Ticketmaster Face Value Ticket Exchange and how it works.

What Is Face Value On Ticket Exchange

When tickets are resold on Ticketmaster’s platform, the Face Value Ticket Exchange, they are sold at or near this original price, allowing fans to buy and sell tickets without the significant markups commonly found on secondary markets.

How Are Face Value Exchange Ticket Prices and Fees Determined On Ticketmaster?

The Face Value Exchange Price On Ticketmaster is calculated by adding the Original ticket value and the additional fees charged by Ticketmaster such as service fee or handling fee.

How Does Facevalue Exchange Benefits Seller and Buyer?

For sellers, this means they can get the cost of their ticket if they can no longer attend an event, but they are not likely to make a profit since the tickets are sold at face value.

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For buyers, it offers a chance to purchase tickets at a fair price without having to pay the marked-up prices that can occur on other resale platforms.

Is Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster legit?

Yes. Buying and selling tickets via Ticketmaster is 100% legit. The tickets are verified and guaranteed by Ticketmaster reducing the risk of scamming.

How Ticketmaster’s Face Value Exchange Works?

Face value Exchange involves the process of reselling and buying tickets among fans.

1. Selling Tickets

1. Go to The Event On Ticketmaster

  • Sign in to your “Ticketmaster account
  • Go to ‘‘My Tickets’‘ from your Account settings
  • Select “See Details” next to the Event where you bought the Ticket.
  • If the event is eligible for Face Value Exchange, you’ll see an option to sell your tickets. Click on “Sell” to proceed.
  • Choose the Ticket you want to list.

2. Set Up Price To Face Value

  • The “Face value price” will be automatically calculated and shown by the Ticketmaster and click On it. You can also set a high price if you don’t want to sell on Face value.
  • Provide details about the tickets you’re selling, such as seat numbers and any other relevant information.
  • Select your payment method, review your listing details, and Click on “Submit” your tickets to be listed on the Face Value Exchange.
  • Note that the bank and the Event should be in the same country.
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3. Transfer The Ticket To Buyer

  • Wait for a Buyer: Your tickets will be available for others to purchase. Once they are sold, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Transfer Tickets: Follow Ticketmaster’s process to transfer the tickets to the buyer’s account.

2. Buying Tickets

  • Search for Event: Look up the event you’re interested in on Ticketmaster and Click on “Find Tickets”, select the Event Date from the list and Click on “See Tickets
  • Now you can see the interactive map, where resale tickets are marked as pink seats and click on it.
  • If the event offers a Face Value Exchange, you’ll see tickets labelled “Face Value Ticket Exchange“.
  • Select the tickets you wish to purchase, review the details and Click On “Buy.
  • Follow the prompts to complete your purchase at the listed face value price.
  • Once the purchase is confirmed, the tickets will be transferred to your Ticketmaster account.

Benefits Of Face Value Exchange On Ticketmaster

  • Fair Pricing: Tickets are sold at the original price, preventing high pricing.
  • Fan-to-Fan Sales: The platform facilitates a community where fans can buy and sell directly from each other.
  • Verified Tickets: Tickets sold through the exchange are verified by Ticketmaster, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Artist and Event Organizer Support: The exchange is often supported by artists and event organizers who want to maintain fair ticket prices.