What To Do If Resale Unavailable On Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is a popular platform for purchasing and selling tickets to a wide variety of events, although the availability of the reselling option depends upon the event organizer’s policy.

However, it can be a frustrating experience if Resale is unavailable on Ticketmaster when trying to sell Ticketmaster as your plans have changed and you can no longer attend the event.

In this blog post, you will understand why Resale is unavailable On Ticketmaster and what steps you can take are essential for any ticket holder.

Why Is Resale Unavailable On Ticketmaster

1. Event Restrictions

Some event organizers do not allow the resale of tickets to prevent scalping or to control the pricing of tickets in the secondary market.

3. Type of Ticket

Some tickets, like those for theatre shows, VIP packages, or festival tickets on a payment plan, may have resale restrictions. Review the terms and conditions of your ticket type.

3. Time Limitation

Resale options may not be available immediately after purchase or close to the event date, depending on Ticketmaster’s policies or the event organizer’s preferences. If the event is within a certain time frame (e.g., 72 hours), resale options may be disabled.

4. Marketplace Limitations

In some regions or for specific events, Ticketmaster’s resale market may not be operational, either due to legal restrictions or company policy.

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If Resale Is Not Available Can You Get A Ticketmaster Refund?

When you purchase tickets via Ticketmaster, it’s important to note that these tickets are non-refundable.

You will receive a ticket refund based on the promoter’s guidelines, issued within 60 days of the original event date. However, the service charge included in the ticket price is not refundable.

What to do if Resale is unavailable when trying to sell Ticketmaster tickets?

1. Review Ticket Availability

Check if the event organizer, artist, team, or venue permits the resale of tickets. Not all events offer resale options.

  • Check Event Policies: Some events may have restrictions that prohibit the resale of tickets. These restrictions are often stated in the terms and conditions of the event.
  • Resale Timing: Tickets may only be eligible for resale during a specific window. For example, reselling is possible up 5 hours before the event, except in cases where the resale is closed sooner.

step-by-step guide to reviewing ticket availability:

  • Sign in to your Ticketmaster account and Navigate to my “Tickets”
  • Look for any resale restrictions mentioned in the ticket or event details.
  •  If your event allows resale, you should see an option to sell or transfer the tickets.
  •  A blue Transfer Tickets button indicates the possibility to transfer to friends or family, if not for sale.
  • Understand that some venues may not allow ticket resales at all, as indicated by the absence of a resale or transfer option.
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2. Understand Resale Restrictions

The event organizer has not enabled the resale of tickets for that particular event. Reselling tickets is subject to both Ticketmaster’s policies and the preferences of the event organizer.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Event Organizer’s Discretion: Some event organizers choose to disable the resale option to prevent price inflation or to control the distribution of tickets.
  • Ticket Inclusive: Tickets bundled with additional items, like parking or early entry passes, may also be ineligible for resale.
  • Time Constraints: If you are within this restricted window, you will not be able to list your tickets. Also, the resale will close 1 hour before the event.

3. Monitor for Updates

When facing issues with resale availability on Ticketmaster, you should frequently check for updates. This applies both to the status of ticket resale for the event and to any changes in Ticketmaster’s policies.

  • Regularly Check Event Status: Ticketmaster may update the resale status of an event at any time. Hence, monitoring the event page is crucial for any changes.
  • Sign Up for Notifications: If Ticketmaster offers a notification service, one should sign up for updates regarding ticket resale options.

4. Transfer to Someone You Know

Ticketmaster often allows the transfer of tickets to another person. If you know someone interested in attending the event, you can transfer the tickets directly to them through your Ticketmaster account, often at no extra cost.

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To Transfer Ticket:

  • Log in to the “Ticketmaster” account and Go to “My Tickets.
  • If your event allows transfer, you should see an option to transfer the tickets.
  •  A “blue Transfer Tickets button” indicates the possibility to transfer to friends or family, if not for sale.
  • Understand that some venues may not allow ticket transfers at all, as indicated by the absence of a transfer option.