How To Transfer Parking Pass On Ticketmaster To Someone Or To A Friend

Are you looking to transfer a parking pass on Ticketmaster to someone else or a friend?

Whether you can’t make it to an event or simply want to share your parking spot with someone else, Ticketmaster makes it easy to transfer your parking pass to another person.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to transfer your parking pass on Ticketmaster. 

How to Transfer Parking Pass on Ticketmaster to Someone or to a Friend?

Step 1: Log into your Ticketmaster account

Begin by visiting the Ticketmaster website or opening the Ticketmaster mobile app. Access the tickets page by navigating to your account dashboard, which typically displays your upcoming events or any active orders

Step 2: Go to the event you want to attend

Find the event for which you’ve purchased the parking pass by scrolling through your upcoming events or by using the search function.

Once you’ve located the event, click or tap on “Find Tickets” to proceed to the available options.

Step 3: Enter Promo Code (if applicable)

┬áIf you have a promo code that you’d like to apply to your purchase, a new screen will appear prompting you to enter it.

Type in “RESERVE” in the promo code box and select the “Go” button to apply any discounts or special offers associated with the code.

Step 4: Select the number of tickets

Determine how many parking passes you need. Most events allow you to purchase up to four slots at a time, but this can vary depending on the event’s specific restrictions or availability.

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Step 5: Select the price of the parking pass

Choose the parking pass option that suits your budget and needs. Click on “Find Seats” to view the available parking options and their respective prices.

Step 6: Review your details

After selecting your parking pass, a summary of your order will be displayed. Carefully review all the details, including the event name, date, number of passes, and total cost, to ensure everything is correct before proceeding. If everything looks good, tap on “Add to Cart.”

Step 7: Enter your email or account ID

You will be prompted to confirm your identity by entering your email address or Ticketmaster account ID, followed by your password.

This step is crucial for accessing your tickets and managing your orders.

Step 8: Choose ‘Ticket Fast’ as your delivery method

Ticket Fast is Ticketmaster’s electronic ticket delivery service, which allows you to print your tickets at home or transfer them to another person. Select this delivery method to facilitate the transfer process.

Step 9: Checkout

Proceed to the checkout page, where you’ll be asked to select your payment method. If you haven’t already added a payment method to your account, you’ll need to do so at this stage. Enter your credit or debit card information as requested.

Step 10: Submit your request

After entering your payment details, review your order one last time to ensure all information is accurate.

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Once you’re ready, tap on the “Submit Request” button to complete your purchase. You will receive a confirmation email with your order summary, which will include the parking pass.

Why You Can’t Transfer Ticketmaster Parking Pass?

This means that if your parking pass falls under any of these categories, you won’t be able to transfer it through your Ticketmaster account.

Specifically for parking passes, such as those provided by ParkWhiz, Ticketmaster has a clear stance.

These parking passes cannot be sold or transferred through a Ticketmaster account.

However, there is a slight allowance in that the physical printout of the pass can be given to someone else to use.

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This exception is detailed on Ticketmaster’s ParkWhiz Parking Pass page, indicating that while the digital transfer is not possible, the physical ticket can still change hands.

The reasons behind these policies are to regulate the use of these added items and to prevent unauthorized transfers.

This can help in combating scalping and fraud, ensuring that only legitimate ticket holders and their guests can use the event-related services.

It also simplifies the management of event entry and ancillary services, as transferring these items can complicate venue operations and security.

While this policy might lead to some inconvenience for those who wish to transfer their parking passes, it’s a necessary measure to maintain the integrity and reliability of the services provided.

As customers, it’s crucial to be aware of and adhere to Ticketmaster’s terms and conditions when purchasing tickets and associated items to avoid any issues on the day of the event.