How to Fix “No Internet Connection” on Ticketmaster

Are you one among the people, Who enjoy Live events? Then you must have came across the Ticketmaster.

We can use Ticketmaster as an app or website.

If you have used Ticketmaster app, then you might have faced the issue ‘No Internet Connection’ on your Ticketmaster app.

Ticketmaster is the largest global company. It is being used by over 32 countries.

Ticketmaster is a company that basically buys and distributes tickets to live events. It not only allows users to buy tickets but it also allows them to resell and transfer tickets. 

Ticketmaster is a safe and secure way to buy and sell live event tickets. We should need to create an account for buying and selling tickets on the app.

This article answers the question, “Why does Ticketmaster app say ‘ No Internet Connection’? And How to fix it?”

What Cause ‘No Internet Connection’ On Ticketmaster App

Internet connectivity issues can be caused by multiple reasons. Here are a few reasons enlisted.

1. Unstable Internet 

The most direct reason for ‘No internet connection’ on Ticketmaster app can be because of weak internet connection or you have turned off the internet.

Without the Internet, we would not be able to connect with any online platform. And a weak network does decrease the loading or processing time.

2. Server Issue

Ticketmaster applications being on a temporary downtime or being under maintenance might cause ‘No Internet Connection’ issue. So, being aware of the time period of Ticketmaster maintenance period is important while we are trying to use Ticketmaster.

3. Outdated App Version

Using an old version of Ticketmaster app can cause connectivity issues. Hence, using an updated version of the app is important to resolve any minor issues.

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4. Geographical Restriction

Ticketmaster has some regional limitations. This has limitations on the availability of site, services and their product.

Some Live event tickets also have regional limitations. 

5. Using VPN Or Proxy

Proxy and VPN usage have an effect on the speed of the internet and the usage of the Ticketmaster website. 

Using VPN or Proxy can lower the speed of Internet.

6. Bug Or Glitch On Ticketmaster App

Sometimes Ticketmaster app glitch can causes network issues. This issue can also arises due to bugs or cookies and cache.

A glitch can cause this network issue only a short period of time.

How To Fix ‘No Internet Connection’ On Ticketmaster?

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first step is to check whether your device has a stable internet connection.

A simple way to check your internet connection is by using any other application and checking whether the app can access the internet smoothly.

Low internet speed can also cause issues like ‘No Internet Connection’ on Ticketmaster. To check your device’s Internet speed.

Step 1 : Search ‘Internet Speed Test’ on your mobile browser.

Step 2 : Click the ‘Run Speed Test’ option on your 1st search result.

Step 3 : Wait a few seconds until you get the result.

Check your speed with the below chart.

If it is very slow, try using a different internet connection or different device if possible. Or else turn on airplane mode and turn it off after some time.

2. Restart Your Phone

Try restarting the device you are using Ticketmaster on.

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For restarting your mobile phone,

Step 1 : Hold the power button on your phone for 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 2 : The power menu will appear. Select Restart option.

This will help your device to clear any minor issue on the device. After restarting try using Ticketmaster.

3. Update Your System Software  

Check whether your system is up-to-date, if not try updating your system software. 

To update Android phone,

  • Go to Settings
  • Select ‘System Update’
  • Check for update
  • If update is available, click ‘Update’ option

To update Iphone,

  • Go to settings
  • Go to general
  • Select ‘ Software update’
  • Tap Automatic update
  • Turn on ‘Download IOS update’
  • Turn on ‘Install IOS update’

By keeping our devices up-to-date helps to resolve certain issues like fixing bugs. If the network connectivity issue is due to our device, it can be cleared using simply updating the device.  

4. Update Ticketmaster App

If you are using the Ticketmaster app, check whether the version of your app is the latest version of the app. To check, 

  • Go to the app store
  • Search ‘Ticketmaster’. 
  • If there is an update option present. Update.

This will clear bugs and issues that are in the oldest version you had used. 

5. Clear cache 

If you are using Android, try clearing the cache on the Ticketmaster app.

To clear cache on your android phone,

  • Go to settings on your android device.
  • Scroll to see Ticketmaster app.
  • Click the app.
  • Now you will be able to see the ‘Clear Cache’ option. Click it.
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Clearing cache will keep Ticketmaster app helps it to keep the app free from certain issues and helps Ticketmaster to run optimally.

6. Disable VPN or Proxy

Sometimes using VPN or Proxy while using a certain website or application may block the app or website usage or it might decrease Internet connection.

To disable VPN,

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Network and Internet’
  • Select the VPN you want to disable
  • Select ‘Disconnect’

To disable Proxy,

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘ Network and Internet’
  • Search for Proxy setting
  • Turn it off or select ‘None’ option, unselect ‘Proxy’ option.

Try using Ticketmaster app after you have disabled VPN and Proxy.

7. Contact Ticketmaster For Support

If the above methods do not work, there is a chance that there might be service issues in your area. Try contacting them for help.

To conduct Ticketmaster, use the hotline – (800) 653-8000 or send them a mail using

You can also reach Ticketmaster help center for any issues.

These 7 steps can solve the Internet Issue on Ticketmaster.