How To Fix Ticketmaster Transfer Button Greyed Out

When you’re trying to transfer tickets on Ticketmaster and encounter a greyed-out transfer button, it can be frustrating.

The Transfer Button is greyed out because the event is not eligible to transfer or yet to enable the button by the event organizer.

In this blog, let’s see the step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot and fix the “Ticketmaster Transfer Button Greyed Out” issue

Why Ticketmaster Transfer Button Greyed Out

The Ticketmaster transfer button may be greyed out for several reasons:

1. Transfer Restrictions

The event organizer may have set restrictions that prevent ticket transfers.

2. Ticket Type

Certain types of tickets, like those that are part of a special promotion, may not be eligible for transfer.

3. Transfer Window

Some events have a specific time frame during which ticket transfers are allowed. If it’s too early or too late, the transfer option may not be available.

4. Technical Issues

Glitches with the Ticketmaster website or app can sometimes cause functionality to be temporarily unavailable.

5. Account Verification

If your Ticketmaster account isn’t fully verified or there are issues with your payment method, it may affect your ability to transfer tickets.

5. High Demand Events

During periods of high traffic, such as immediately after tickets go on sale for a popular event, Ticketmaster may temporarily disable certain features to manage server load.

How To Fix Ticketmaster Transfer Button Greyed Out

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1. Check Event Details

Some events have specific restrictions that prevent ticket transfers. If the venue doesn’t offer Ticket transfer and the event is cancelled or passed, you cannot transfer the tickets. Check the event details on Ticketmaster to see if transfers are allowed.

To check the transfer policies for an event on Ticketmaster, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Ticketmaster website and sign into your account.
  • Navigate to ‘‘My Events’‘ to find the event in question.
  • Click on the event to view its details. Look for any information related to ticket transfers.
  • Often, the specific transfer policies are detailed in the terms and conditions or the fine print associated with the event.
  • Some events have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section where transfer policy information might be provided.

2. Confirm Ticket Eligibility

Not all tickets are eligible for transfer. Make sure your type of ticket is allowed to be transferred according to Ticketmaster’s policies.

Understand that any merchandise, VIP packages, or other extras cannot be transferred. If you need to give these to someone else, you’ll need to do so separately from the Ticketmaster system.

3. Monitor Your Account

There may be a delay in when you can transfer your tickets. Some events only allow transfers after a certain date or period before the event.

Keep monitoring your account. Sometimes the Transfer is enabled only a few hours before the event starts.

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4. Check for Multiple Accounts

Using multiple accounts or different email addresses can sometimes cause conflicts:

  • Ensure you are logged into the correct Ticketmaster account associated with the ticket purchase.
  • Avoid switching between accounts or devices while transferring tickets.

5. Verify Your Payment Information

Ticketmaster requires up-to-date payment information for selling or transferring tickets. Verify your credit or debit card details, such as the card number, expiration date, and CVV code, to ensure they match what’s on record with their Ticketmaster account.

  • Go to “Payment Option “and Click on Added Card
  • Verify the Following:
    • Card Number: Check for any typos.
    • Expiration Date: Update if the card has expired.
    • CVV Code: Re-enter to confirm accuracy.

If necessary you can also Update your payment method in your account settings. or add another Payment method.

Adding a New Credit Card:

  • Go to the Ticketmaster website and sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to ‘‘Account Settings’‘ or ‘‘Payment Options.’
  • Select the option to add a new payment method.
  • Fill in your credit card information, including “card number, expiration date, security code (CVV), and billing address.
  • Review the details to ensure they are correct, then save the new card to your account.
  • Make sure to check the box near payment and refund.
  • If you want to make this card your default payment method, select the appropriate option to do so.

6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing the browser cache and cookies can eliminate saved data that might conflict with the website’s operation. A common solution to many website issues is to clear your browser’s cache and cookies:

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Clearing Cache on Firefox and Chrome:

  • Press “Ctl+H” >” Clear Browsing History” > Select “all” in the time range > Check the box “(Cookies and site data & Cached web content) “> Click “Clear Data.

Clearing Cache on Safari (Mac):

  • Go to “Safari” > “Preferences” > “Advanced”> “Show Develop menu” in the menu bar> “Develop” > “Empty Caches.”

7. Try a Different Browser or Device

Sometimes the issue may be specific to the browser or device you’re using:

  • Try accessing your Ticketmaster account from a different browser.
  • If possible, use another device to attempt to list your tickets.

8. Try Again Later

Ticketmaster’s platform can experience high traffic, especially during major event sales. Wait and try to transfer the tickets at a different time when traffic may be lower.