How To Avoid Ticketmaster Service Fees

Ticketmaster, a widely recognized ticket-selling platform, offers convenience and a vast selection of event tickets. 

However, one common frustration among ticket buyers is the additional service fees imposed by Ticketmaster. 

These fees can significantly increase the overall cost of tickets, especially for multiple purchases. Fortunately, there are strategies available that can help you avoid or minimize these service fees, allowing you to save money on your ticket purchases. 

By exploring alternative options and understanding the ticketing process, you can make informed decisions and find ways to secure tickets without incurring the extra charges Ticketmaster imposes.

Understanding Ticketmaster

 Before delving into ways to bypass Ticketmaster fees, let’s first understand what Ticketmaster is and how it operates.

Ticketmaster is a renowned ticket-selling platform that has dominated the industry for years.

They offer a wide range of tickets for various events, making them a convenient go-to source for many people.

Ticket Pricing and Additional Charges

When purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster, the price is determined by factors such as the ticket type and the artist or event.

In addition to the ticket price, customers must also pay various service charges, facility charges (charged by the venue), and shipping charges for physical tickets.

These fees can vary depending on the event location, delivery method, and other factors.

Why People Choose Ticketmaster?

Despite the additional fees, many people still choose Ticketmaster due to the convenience and availability of tickets.

Ticketmaster offers a vast selection of tickets for different events, making it easier for customers to find what they want.

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How To Avoid Ticketmaster Service Fees?

To avoid Ticketmaster fees, consider purchasing tickets directly from the box office, connecting with resellers for potential discounts, waiting until the event starts for lower-priced tickets, or exploring alternative ticketing platforms with no service fees.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to avoid Ticketmaster service fees: 

1. By Directly Purchasing Tickets From Box Office

One of the simplest ways to avoid Ticketmaster fees is to purchase tickets directly from the box office.

By doing so, you can bypass the service charges associated with online ticket purchases.

However, remember that this method may require some effort as you’ll need to visit the box office and check for ticket availability physically.

2. By Seeking Out Resellers

Another option is to connect with resellers or individuals who have extra tickets for sale.

Sometimes, these individuals may sell the tickets at a lower price than the original cost, and you can avoid paying additional fees.

While purchasing from resellers, exercise caution and ensure the tickets are legitimate.

3. Wait Until the Show Starts

If you’re willing to take a risk, waiting until the event has started can work in your favor.

As the event time approaches, the number of potential buyers decreases, and some sellers may reduce their prices significantly to avoid losses.

This method can help you secure tickets at a fraction of the original cost while avoiding Ticketmaster fees.

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However, ticket availability is not guaranteed, so it’s not a foolproof approach.

4. Explore Alternative Ticketing Platforms

While Ticketmaster is the dominant player in the ticketing industry, there are alternative platforms where you can find tickets without service fees.

These platforms often acquire lower-priced tickets and pass on the savings to customers.

Research reputable ticketing websites that don’t charge additional fees and compare prices to ensure you get the best deal.

5. Look for Ticket Deals and Promotions

Watch for special deals, promotions, or discount codes available for specific events.

Ticketmaster occasionally offers promotional codes or discounted ticket prices that can help you avoid or reduce service fees.

Subscribe to newsletters, follow social media accounts, and check websites dedicated to ticket deals to stay updated on these offers.

6. Consider Ticket Insurance

Ticket insurance is an optional add-on that Ticketmaster offers to protect your tickets in case you cannot attend the event.

While it may provide peace of mind, ticket insurance also comes with an additional cost.

Evaluate whether the benefits of ticket insurance outweigh the added service fees and make an informed decision based on your circumstances.

7. Use Presale Opportunities

Ticketmasters often offer presale opportunities to specific groups, such as credit card holders, fan club members, or subscribers to their newsletters.

Take advantage of these presales to access tickets before they are available to the general public.

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You can secure your desired seats by purchasing tickets during a presale without incurring additional service fees.

10. Buy Tickets in Bulk

If you plan to attend multiple events or concerts, consider purchasing tickets in bulk.

Ticketmasters often offer discounts or reduced service fees for bulk purchases.

This can be cost-effective if you frequently attend events or plan to go with friends or family members.


Ticketmaster service fees can add up, especially when purchasing multiple tickets.

However, by utilizing the abovementioned strategies, you can avoid or minimize these fees and save money on ticket purchases.

Consider exploring different avenues such as box office purchases, resellers, waiting until the event starts, or alternative ticketing platforms to find the best deals.

Remember to exercise caution and ensure the legitimacy of tickets when purchasing from resellers or lesser-known platforms.

Enjoy your live shows and events while keeping your expenses in check!