How To Fix Seats Missing From Seat Map On Ticketmaster

When you’re booking tickets through Ticketmaster and notice that some seats are missing from the seat map, it can be concerning, especially if you’re aiming for the best possible view or experience.

The issue might occur due to various reasons, including high-demand events where the interactive seat map is turned off to speed up the purchasing process or the seats may not ba available to book.

In this blog, let’s see the step-by-step solutions to fix Seats Missing From the Seat Map On Ticketmaster.

What Causes the Seats Missing From Seat Map On Ticketmaster?

If you find that seats are missing from the seat map on Ticketmaster, this might be due to several reasons.

1. Check your account

Ensure that you are logged into your Ticketmaster account and that you are looking at the correct event and date.

2. Browser Issue

Sometimes, a corrupted cache can cause display issues on the website.

3. Not Available To Public Yet

One common reason is that tickets may initially appear as unavailable due to high demand or limited inventory. As the event date approaches, they may become available again if additional inventory is released or holds are removed.

4. Venue-Specific Sales

Some seats may be sold directly by the venue, and not available for selection on Ticketmaster. There might be partnerships in place with other ticketing platforms or services and some seats could be allocated to these partners.

5. Ticemaster Session Time-Outs

Seats may temporarily disappear from the map due to another customer holding them in their cart. If their session times out, the seats will reappear as available.

6. High Demand

Due to High demand and Heavy traffic Ticketmaster might turn off the Seat map for a smooth ticket booking experience.

How To Fix Seats Missing From Seat Map On Ticketmaster

1. Verifying Event Details and Availability

When you encounter missing seats on a Ticketmaster seat map, it’s important to first ensure that the details of your event are accurate and that the seats are available.

  • Go to “Ticketmaster” and click on the “Event” tab.
  • Once you find the event, click on “See Tickets” to access the event page.
  • Use the interactive seat map function to view available seating.
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If you find the particular seats appear missing, then they have already been sold or are being held.

Sometimes seats are reserved for presales, fan clubs, or promotional offers. Look out for any notifications about these holds.

steps to use a presale code on Ticketmaster:

  • Click “Select Tickets” or another button to continue to the ticket selection page.
  • Look for the “Enter Promo/Offer Code” or “Unlock” button.
  • Enter your presale code exactly as provided.
  • Click “Apply Code” or hit enter.
  • The available presale inventory should now be visible to select from.
  • Choose your seats and complete your purchase.


  • Presale codes are usually timed and only work during the presale window. Check the code details for valid dates and times.
  • Codes are often limited to a certain number of tickets per order. A message will appear if the code limit is reached.
  • Fan club or VIP presales may have additional membership verification steps.
  • Public onsale tickets follow once presales end. Dates are set by the venue/promoter.
  • Ticket limits and prices may differ between presales and public onsale.
  • Presale orders are not guaranteed and may be refunded if the event is canceled or relocated.

2. Due To Automatic Seat Allocation

If you cannot see the map or seat, you can select the price category and buy your tickets.

Ticketmaster’s system will automatically assign the “best available” seats to you. It is determined by the event’s promoters and the venue, and the best seats still available within the category you selected at the time of your purchase.

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3. Refresh the Page

Sometimes the issue might be due to a temporary glitch on the website. Alternativer;y. Seats may temporarily disappear from the map due to another customer holding them in their cart. If their session times out, the seats will reappear as available.

  • Press “F5” or hit the “Refresh icon” near the Search bar in the browser to refresh the page.

Do not hit the refresh button multiple times, as the Ticketmaster considers this a bot-like activity and blocks you.

4. Multiple Browser/Tab Warning

Do not open multiple browsers or tabs when purchasing tickets as this might lead to errors or time-outs. Stick to one window to avoid complications.

5. Look for Technical Issues

Clearing the cache can help resolve issues with accessing or using the Ticketmaster website or app, as it forces the browser to download the latest version of web pages and content.

Clear your browser cache and cookies, or try using a different browser or device to see if the issue persists.

1. Clearing Ticketmaster App Cache

Clear cache on Android:

  • Go Settings > Apps > Ticketmaster > Click on “Clear cache

Clearing Cache on iOS:  

  • Go to “Settings” > “General” > “iPhone Storage.” > Ticketmaster > “Offload app” > click on “Reinstall Button“.

2. Clearing Cache on Browsers

Clearing Cache on Firefox and Chrome:

  • Press “Ctl+H” >” Clear Browsing History” > Select “all” in the time range > Check the box “(Cookies and site data & Cached web content) “> Click “Clear Data.

Clearing Cache on Safari (Mac):

  • Go to “Safari” > “Preferences” > “Advanced”> “Show Develop menu” in the menu bar> “Develop” > “Empty Caches.”

3. Update Ticketmaster App

If you’re using the Ticketmaster app, ensure it’s updated to the latest version. Updating the app will fix any bugs in the software and ensure smooth performance.

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  • Open “Play Store” > Search “Ticketmaster“> Click on the “Update” button.
  • If you see the open button, then the Ticketmaster is already up to date.


  • Go to “Apple Store” > Scroll down to “Pending Updates” > Find “Ticketmaster” > Click the “Update” button.
  • If the Ticketmaster app is not listed, the App is already running in the latest version.

6. Use Different Device

If switching browsers doesn’t work, attempt to use Ticketmaster on a different device. Options include:

  • Desktop computer: If you were using a mobile device, switch to a desktop for better navigation.
  • Smartphone or tablet: Conversely, if you were on a desktop, try using the Ticketmaster mobile app or a mobile browser.

7. Contact Customer Support

If you want to book a specific seat or Still having issues with accessing the seat on the Interactive map, you can contact Ticketmaster Support and provide them with the required details such as event information, and personal information. They will help you assist you further and resolve your concern.

For queries about an existing order, you should not use the general contact form. Instead, log in to “My Account” and click on the “Help with this order” button on the order information page.