How Much Does StubHub Charge to Sell & Resell Tickets

Are you also wondering how much StubHub charges to sell and resell tickets?

StubHub is a popular ticket reselling platform that facilitates the transaction process between the Buyer and seller.

With the recent resurgence of live entertainment events like sports matches, concerts, and theater performances, StubHub has become the go-to for many to buy and sell tickets.

As such, it is common for sellers to now wonder how much StubHub charges to sell and resell tickets on their platform.

We are here today to answer exactly that, so read on to find out!

StubHub may charge you a certain percentage that may go up to 15% of the selling price as seller fees. (image source: StubHub)

How Much Does StubHub Charge to Sell Tickets?

StubHub charges a certain percentage in seller fees when your tickets are sold, which can go up to 15% of the selling price.

However, this percentage is disclosed only when you are setting the price of the tickets when you create your listing.

This percentage can go up to 15% of the payment you receive as a Seller.

These fees may be inclusive of the charges that amount from you using StubHub’s services, which they refer to as Service Fees.

StubHub says that this varying percentage depends on a variety of factors, such as costs for ticket marketing and ticket supply, the event itself, the price set by the Seller, and even the type of delivery you are using to complete the sale.

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However, StubHub does not reveal this upfront to the seller until they are entering the price they are putting up the tickets for in their listing.

In fact, there is no mention of how much StubHub charges for selling tickets on their platform in their FAQ section, which should ideally have such information since these are common questions that are asked so often by its users.

It is to be kept in mind that listing your tickets for sale on the website is completely free of charge, which is what sets StubHub apart from its competitors.

As such, StubHub does not actually charge you any fees until your tickets are sold to a Buyer.

The seller fees that StubHub charges will be taken directly out of the amount that the Buyer is paying to you.

This means that when you receive the money from StubHub for your sale, it will be the total amount remaining after Stubhub deducts its seller fees from the price that you put up the ticket for sale –– also known as the asking price.

As mentioned earlier, these fees can go up to 15% of the selling price.

How Much Does StubHub Charge to Resell Tickets?

If you bought a ticket from StubHub but want to resell it on the platform, the same system that was detailed earlier will apply to you as well.

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This means that StubHub will charge you a certain amount as seller fees, which might go all the way up to 15% of the selling price that you listed the tickets for.

While you can put up the listing for the resell ticket for no charge at all, the charges to actually sell the tickets will be made after the ticket is actually sold.

Keep in mind that as a reseller, you are not only paying StubHub the seller fees for selling the tickets, but you would have also paid them Buyer fees for buying the ticket from their platform in the first place.

These Buyer fees, though not having a set percentage or amount, are paid by the Buyer in addition to the original price that the Seller put up the tickets for when they purchase the ticket.

These specific fees can fluctuate and are dependent on a variety of factors such as time until the event, mode of delivery, price of the tickets, as well as the supply and demand of the tickets as the event nears.

As such, if you are reselling the tickets you bought on StubHub, you are not only paying the seller fees but also have to account for the buyer fees that you paid when you originally purchased the ticket from a different seller.

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When you are entering the amount for which you are reselling the tickets, you will be shown how much of the payment StubHub will charge you as seller fees once the tickets are sold.

You will not receive this payment until after the event is over, and it will be less than what you put up as the asking price for the tickets when you created this listing.

This is because StubHub will have deducted the seller fees from the Buyer’s payment to you before you actually receive the money.

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