How to Fix StubHub Tickets Not Delivered

Are you also wondering why your StubHub tickets were not delivered yet?

StubHub is an online ticket reselling platform where users can buy and sell tickets to live events like concerts, theater performances, and sports matches.

With the rise in live events in the recent post-pandemic times, people are now wondering how StubHub works.

As such, those who have bought tickets on StubHub may be wondering why their tickets have not been delivered yet.

If you are one of them, this is your lucky day as we are here with a detailed guide to answer your questions.

Read on to find out more!

We are here to tell you why your StubHub tickets have not yet been delivered. (image source: StubHub)

Why Were My StubHub Tickets Not Delivered

If you have bought a physical ticket from StubHub, the seller is required to deliver the tickets to you on time.

If you have not received your tickets yet, there may be a few reasons why:

1. Seller on StubHub Has Not Received Tickets Yet

Some ticket companies, event venues, and even artists do not provide the tickets until the time is closer to the day of the event.

As such, it is possible that the original ticket buyer (the seller on StubHub from whom you bought) might not have received the tickets as of yet.

If this is the case, they will be unable to send you the tickets until they get them themselves.

This may be the reason why you have not yet received the tickets that you bought on StubHub.

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2. Expected Delivery Date Has Not Arrived Yet

When sellers make listings for tickets on StubHub, they are required to enter the expected delivery date by which they are supposed to deliver the tickets to the buyer, which in this case is you.

While it is recommended that sellers deliver their tickets to the buyer as soon as they receive the ticket and before the expected delivery date, they are not required to do so.

It is possible that the expected delivery date by which you are supposed to receive the tickets has not come around yet, due to which your StubHub tickets have not yet been delivered.

3. Delivery Delay

If the seller on StubHub chose to use a delivery service to deliver your ticket to you, there may be a chance that they have already dispatched the ticket via the service, but it just has not reached you yet.

It is possible that the delivery service has encountered an unexpected delay, which may be the reason why your Stubhub ticket has not yet been delivered to you.

How to Fix StubHub Tickets Not Delivered

1. Track Your Delivery

When the ticket is dispatched by the buyer to your address, you will receive a notification to track the delivery.

This process may be different depending on the service used for delivery, but you can usually track the item once it has been dispatched.

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Simply visit the website of the delivery service and track your item by following the steps as instructed by the website.

You will be able to see when the delivery is supposed to be completed, and even view previous stops that your delivery has made.

2. Wait Until the Expected Delivery Date

As mentioned earlier, StubHub does not require sellers to send the tickets to the buyer earlier than the expected delivery date, though it is highly recommended by them.

As such, you might simply have to wait until the expected delivery date to be sent the tickets, as that is by when the seller is supposed to deliver them to you.

3. Wait Until 10 AM on the Event Day

Some events might be subject to being postponed or having other details changed, due to which there may be a delay in the original buyer (the StubHub seller) receiving the ticket themselves.

In such circumstances, StubHub gives the seller time until 10 AM of the event day to deliver the tickets to the buyer (which is you) so that you are able to receive the tickets on time for the event itself.

As such, you might need to wait until the day of the event to get your tickets.

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You might be informed by StubHub about such delays if they happen.

4. Contact StubHub Customer Support

If the tickets have not yet been delivered even after the previous methods, or if you are just worried about not receiving the tickets on time, you can reach out to StubHub’s customer support.

You can do this by visiting StubHub’s Contact Us page and reaching out to them via email or phone.

StubHub has a dedicated Contact Us page where you can get details on how to reach out to their Customer Support.

Make sure that you include as much information as possible, and especially highlight the order and ticket details so that they can provide you with assistance at the earliest.

Please note that buyers cannot contact StubHub sellers directly, and all communication needs to be via StubHub itself.

If you are unable to get your tickets in time, StubHub may provide you with a different ticket of the same (or higher) value, or refund you the amount you paid to buy the ticket.

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