Ticketmaster Error Code 5005? All Possible Fixes!

The slogan of Ticketmaster is “Live only happens once. Be there with Ticketmaster”. As stated, a given Live event occurs just once; Ticketmaster assists with participation.

Ticketmaster is an online ticket sales and distribution company that distributes event tickets. You may purchase and sell tickets online for local concerts, sports, theatre, and family events.

Ticketmaster works with the goal of creating the technology and service required to effortlessly connect fans to events.

Recently, a large number of users are experiencing the issues with booking/purchasing the tickets on Ticketmaster and error code 5005 is seen.

Error is basically seen when attempting to view and book event tickets using a laptop browser or the Ticketmaster app.

This post will try to explain the reason of the Ticketmaster error 5005 and all potential solutions that have helped other users resolve the issue.

Why Ticketmaster Error Code 5005 is Seen?

Below can be the potential reasons to see error code 5005 on Ticketmaster:

  • If you are logged in on Ticketmaster using multiple devices or browsers.
  • You are accessing the Ticketmaster using public Wi-Fi connection.
  • VPN is enabled into your laptop or mobile phones.
  • You are trying to access and book tickets from using direct shared Ticketmaster link.
  • You are using multiple devices, browsers or tabs at the same time.

Tips To Prevent Errors When Purchasing Ticketmaster Tickets:

  • Do not use several devices, browsers, or tabs at time of booking tickets.
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi networks, such as those are available in coffee shops and offices.
  • Do not share ticket links with your friends or copy URLs between multiple devices.

How to Fix Ticketmaster Error Code 5005?

To Fix Ticketmaster error code 5005, ensure to login using single device only and switch internet connection from Wi-Fi to mobile data.

When you try to login and purchase tickets for any event by opening Ticketmaster website into multiple browser or tabs, it would not allow you to purchase tickets due to cookies issue.

Always ensure to avoid using multiple devices, browsers or tabs at the same time to access Ticketmaster app.

Also if because of any reason your ticket purchase order get stuck, it is advisable to review your order history before trying to purchase again.

If an order has been placed, the order status will be displayed on the website immediately after you sign in.

If your order does not appear in your Order History, then you can retry your purchase.

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Below are the all possible ways to fix the Ticketmaster error 5005:

Fix 1: Close Multiple Browser and Tabs

Always ensure to avoid using multiple devices, browsers or tabs at the same time to access Ticketmaster website or app to book tickets.

Try to use only single tabs opened to access the Ticketmaster website and it would help to fix the error code 5005.

Fix 2: Enable the Cookies and Graphics

In order to purchase tickets from Ticketmaster, your browser must be configured to accept cookies and graphics.

Ensure that your computer is configured to accept cookies and images before attempting to make a purchase.

Verify that nothing is preventing your browser from accepting cookies, as this will prevent Ticketmaster from saving your seating information in the temporary memory of your computer, which is required to purchase tickets.

Fix 3: Disable the Proxy Servers

Some providers of online services, such as AOL and Prodigy, use a device known as a proxy server.

Instead of connecting users to the Internet or the requested site, proxy servers save copies of those sites on their own servers. 

Because Ticketmaster’s ticketing system requires direct access, using a proxy server may prevent you from purchasing tickets.

If you are unsure whether you are using a proxy server to access the Internet, contact your Internet service provider.

Use a direct Internet connection to access Ticketmaster.com, not a service that uses proxy servers.

Fix 4: Switch from Wi-Fi to Mobile Data

If you are connected using Wi-Fi network, switch to mobile data connection and reload the Ticketmaster website or app again.

Many times it is seen that Wi-Fi ISP provider doesn’t allow you to access the Ticketmaster services and prevent you to load website into your browser.

lot of users share over social media platform that once they switched network from Wi-Fi to mobile, Ticketmaster error 5005 went and able to book tickets without any issue.

Fix 5: Disable the VPN

Disabling the VPN often helps to access any certain app or service without error because the VPN may be redirecting you from any specific location/region where Ticketmaster services aren’t now available or offered.

Disable your VPN and restart the Ticketmaster website or mobile app; this will allow you to access the services without receiving the 5005 error.

Fix 6: Provide All required Permissions to Ticketmaster App

If you haven’t provided all of the necessary permissions to Ticketmaster app, you should be seeing the error code 5005.

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Go to phone settings and enable the necessary permissions for the Ticketmaster app before restarting. This will help you in resolving the error.

To enable Ticketmaster app privacy settings on your phone, follow the instructions below:

For Android Users: Go to Settings > Apps > Select Ticketmaster > Permissions > allow all permissions and reload app.

For iPhone Users: Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Tracking and Enable “Allow Apps to Request To Track” and reload the Ticketmaster app.

Fix 7: Enable Javascript into Browser

Reload the Ticketmaster website after enabling javascript in your currently used browser. It may help you in resolving the error code 5005, allowing you to order or purchase tickets on-site without difficulties.

Steps to enable Javascript into Browser:

For Internet Explorer Users:

Open Internet Explorer >  Select Tools > Internet Options (or the view menu in older versions) >   Select the Security Tab >  Select Custom Level >  under Active Scripting, ensure that “Enable” radio button is selected > Select OK.

For Chrome Users:

Open Chrome > Click Settings > Security and Privacy > Site settings > Content > JavaScript(Sites can use Javascript) > add the Ticketmaster website address or enable for all sites and reload the browser.

For Firefox Users:

Open Firefox >  Navigate to Tools > Options >  In the Options menu, select Content (or Web Features in older versions) > Select the Enable JavaScript checkbox > Press the OK button.

For Safari Users:

Open Safari > Navigate to Preferences >  Select Security >  Check “Enable JavaScript” box and close the browser window and open again.

Once javascript is enabled to currently used browser, you would be able to access the Ticketmaster website without any issue.

Fix 8: Update the Ticketmaster App to Latest Version

You might be having issues with your Ticketmaster app because you haven’t updated it in a long time, or because any bug is keeping you away from logging into your account.

If you haven’t updated your Ticketmaster app in a while, go to the play store or Apple store, search for Ticketmaster App, and see if “update” is available for the app.

Let it install while you click on “Update” and then restart the Ticketmaster app.

Now re-enter the required login details into the Ticketmaster app, and you should be able to access your Ticketmaster account and purchase tickets without any issue.

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Fix 9: Wait till Ticketmaster Fixes the Technical Issue

If you receive the Ticketmaster Error code 5005, it is possible that the Ticketmaster app’s server is down or that there is a technical glitch.

The Ticketmaster team is already aware of the situation, and they should be working on a solution right now.

There is nothing much you can do in this case but wait until the Ticketmaster team resolves the issue or the Ticketmaster servers come back online.

Fix 10: Try to Reach out to Ticketmaster Support Team

If nothing works for you to fix the issue, try to reach out Ticketmaster support team for getting the issue resolved.

If already have an order and want to contact Ticketmaster support team, Login to account > Select the event > Click “Need Help With This Order” then follow the on-screen instructions.

Or submit the request form on Ticketmaster site by Selecting the topics, event name, menu, event date, First Name, Last Name, Email address, subject, billing address, phone number, Last four digits of purchase card, Order Confirmation Number and attachment if anything you have handy with you to share.

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