How to Fix Error Connecting in Growtopia

Growtopia is a highly multiplayer virtual playground game where players can communicate, develop planets, make friends, trade, and indulge in player-versus-player conflict.

Why are You Getting Error Connecting in Growtopia? 

You might be getting error connecting in Growtopia because of the following possible reasons:

  •  Growtopia Server is down
  • You might be having internet connection issue.
  • Your IP Address has been blocked recently by Growtopia

1. Growtopia’s Server Down 

Sometimes you may face the error when Growtopia’s server is down. You can check that by visiting And if the server is down, you have to wait until it gets back to normal. 

2. Your Internet Connection is Slow

Another probable cause of Growtopia error is because of the poor internet connection. If your internet connection is running very slow then your connection will time out and you fail to log in. 

3. Your IP address has been Blocked

You face an error connecting to Growtopia when your IP address gets blocked by Growtopia. Your IP address may get blocked when you try to log in to the game multiple times. 

How To Fix ‘Error Connecting’ in Growtopia? 

You can try the following methods to fix the ‘Error Connecting’ in Growtopia:

  1. Install free VPN apps
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Firstly, figure out whether the Growtopia Server is down or not. If it is down then wait at least 24 hours to fix it. 

On the other hand, If it is not down you can try using VPN. There are many free VPN apps available on Google Play Store or app store. 

You can follow the below steps- 

Step 1: Install any free VPN app on your phone from Google Play Store or Appstore. 

Step 2: After installation of the VPN app, Go to the app settings of your phone and force stop the Growtopia. 

Step 3: Then after a few minutes, try logging in again to the Game. 

The issue should be resolved in this way. 

  1. Try switching the Network

You can fix the connecting error of Growtopia by switching your network connection. Try using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi if you’re currently connected to one.

On the other end, if your mobile data is involved, try joining a Wi-Fi network. Your IP address will change and the block will be removed if you switch your network.

  1. Contact the Customer Support

If all the above methods are not working, then contact Growtopia customer support for help. A support case cannot be opened unless you are logged into your Ubisoft account.

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Growtopia connecting error is a general issue. It can be solved either by using VPN, switching or network, or taking assistance from Customer Support. Otherwise, you can also check Growtopia’s Twitter account, as they update if there is any issue from their side. 

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